Outside, Where The Sun Is Shining


This afternoon finds me out in the garden having planted in some Catnip, Majoram, Lemon Balm, Hyssop and Bergamot into pots and into the garden. I am lazily drinking a cup of ‘rather late in the day’ Peppermint Tea and perusing my patch of soil with a critical eye to find some jobs for my wonderful other half at the weekend…he’ll thank me one day when he is older and looks back ;-D

Here is my special viewing platform


And this is my view

I potted the Catnip and the Lemon Balm, hoping to keep the former away from the local felines and keeping the latter from spreading too far and wide. I decided to let the Bergamot and Hyssop have their wicked way (but not together obviously) in the back of the herb garden but I left them with strict instructions to behave and not to do anything I wouldn’t…the teenagers always scoff when I say this to them as if those instructions open up a whole world of possibilities for them but the herbs stayed strangely silent on the matter.

The Borage has been pulled up and the seedlings have been transplanted to the back of the herb garden. I have, what you might call, a Borage Nursery but with a strict intake. I had to thin out rather a lot, including the stragglers hiding in the lavender! It was a Borage Convention and they were getting rowdy.



I wish you all a beautiful day, wherever you may be! Keep smiling!


7 thoughts on “Outside, Where The Sun Is Shining”

  1. `Your garden makes me smile!
    I was watching something on t.v. about plants that bring butterflies to your garden. I would love to try it. I guess it helps if others in the neighborhood do the same thing so you have more.

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    1. The butterflies and bees love our herbs, especially the Borage and German Chamomile when the first plantings of both were in full bloom. Buddelia is a firm favourite with butterflies and the one which comes to mind straight away for me. We seem to be a popular day visit spot for an increased assortment of creatures this year, including our resident pigeon 🙂

      Thanks for your comment and I am glad you enjoyed the blog post!


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