Result of the Miracle Snore Cure Test

The results of Wendy’s snore cure test are in! Check this out!


You may recall that whilst trying out an electronic facelift gadget that I’d bought, I suspected it had cured my snoring by tightening the muscles in my throat. I did a test and stopped using the gadget for a couple of weeks and lo and behold – my snoring returned with a vengeance – much to poor hubby’s disgust.. back to the spare bedroom for me!

I originally purchased the gadget from Aldi but I contacted the manufacturer Rio Beauty to let them know that I suspected that they had a 60 Second Facelift or Miracle Snore Cure?

Well, I decided to do a further test (well actually – hubby decided I really SHOULD!!) and I’ve pulled the result together into a very amateur movie (sorry only my second attempt and lots to learn…) so take a peep to see some snaps of my holiday in Spain and at the…

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3 thoughts on “Result of the Miracle Snore Cure Test”

    1. That wasn’t me, it was Wendy over on Brilliance Within. Lovely, isn’t she? It’s the update on a reblog I did on one of her posts from a while back where she was pondering whether she had found a snoring cure. My other half could do with using that but I may have a little trouble getting him to agree! I shall have to use my wiles 😀

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