Shiva Lingham


The Shiva Lingham stones are rather special. They are found in the Narmada river at Onkar Mandhata, a sacred site in India and are gathered once a year in dry season by a few locals who then polish and shape them by hand. These stones are held in high regard religiously and it is said that only fairly recently they have been sold in the wider world when it was decided their energies were needed.

As I sit with mine writing this article I can feel a very strong, complex energy coming from it. Working with a Shiva Lingham is an experience in itself. This stone has a personal history which is as unique as the markings on it, making each one special and one which means the stone tends to choose you rather than the other way around. There were quite a few available to choose from when I saw this one in a crystal shop and I was drawn to this one immediately without feeling I needed to pay much attention to the others there. You could say it jumped out at me…emotionally rather than physically despite this stone being very much ‘alive’. I feel very blessed to have this particular one.

This stone is said to be all about intimate contact and the meeting of minds and other parts of the body (!) but for me as an empath it is more about a meeting of energies and the enhancement and clarity of those energies. A Shiva Lingham is all about flow, just like the river it came from. It can be put to work keeping energy flowing around your house or around yourself. It can move you out of a rut, particularly where deep emotional conflict is occurring, when used during meditation. It is a stone which needs to be worked with using the utmost respect and reverence.

It is said the Shiva Lingham can help with fertility problems, sexual problems and spiritual sexual activities such as Tantric sex. It is said to strengthen these connections between two people, allowing the energy to move freely and more readily, balancing out the energies between the two people involved. It is also said to be useful for those who are struggling with their feelings on their sexuality and choice of gender they feel most drawn towards.

In my opinion this is one of those stones you must see and choose (or be chosen!) face to face and not one you can purchase over the internet unless you are very intuitive.


5 thoughts on “Shiva Lingham”

    1. I haven’t. I think they are very expensive for what they are and so I haven’t indulged. Some sellers seem to charge so much more in the UK for them than in the USA too…upwards of £50 since I last looked. I also find they are often not quite the pair. What is your experience, Samantha?

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      1. My son’s crystal lady sells her bojii stones for about £30.00, I think, but she thinks much the same as you. They are just different forms of pyrite, no more powerful than any other crystal really. I suppose it’s the “hype” behind them…I have no personal experience of them, but I like spheres-I have two rose quartz spheres that have a definite male/female energy about them…

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