A Day Out


We went to a Vintage and Craft fair yesterday and picked up these original drawings from a local artist, Isabelle Sarginson Allen who is just starting out. I absolutely love the detail in these and had to have them!


Yesterday we had one of our rare days out alone as a couple (big family!) and it was so much fun! After the fair my other half decided to take me for a romantic rowing boat trip for an hour on a lake…he was magnificent with those oars, bless him…and we saw dragonflies, moorhens and all sorts. And it was quiet and peaceful too. Then we went for a meal at a very nice seaside pub and dined on delicious seafood.

After that we decided to hit the seashore further up the coast, took a blanket with us out of the car and…fell asleep on the beach for an hour. Well, we are getting on a bit now, you know ;-D


9 thoughts on “A Day Out”

  1. Those drawings are amazing (You had to know I’d think so 🙂 ). I love the Air sigil and Othila rune on the magpies.

    It sounds like you had a great day. We’ve been kind of pressed, even in a fairly arty town like the one we’re near, to find things to do; art or not, it’s small. Sometimes it’s just a walk around downtown, find some lunch, and go home and eh, nap, yeah. 😉

    We did discover that bringing Truck along raises the entertainment value enormously. Watching kids bolt for him while their parents shriek in terror doesn’t get old. 😆

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    1. She has loads more on her website. I think she is a very talented gal. Very young (says the older woman haha) but got her head together.

      The magpie is my bird, I think. It’s never been one for sorrow in our family.

      Love the Truck story 🙂


      1. My giant meatloaf of a familiar. A cat person all my life, but there he is, the moose 🙂

        Darren isn’t much help, either. *snort* “Ah, not to worry, he loves children! He can eat three at a meal!”

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  2. Moments as a ‘couple’ can be rare when you’ve got a big family – I’m the same. They are all the more magical when they occur.. Sounds like a very romantic afternoon – lovely! x

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