A Gift of Gratitude


Last month’s free Reiki distance healing sessions which I offered after reaching 100 followers went very well and so I have decided to offer another three this month. There is one lady who still needs to get back to me and arrange a session…if you still would like to proceed, you know who you are 😉

The rules are simple – if you were following me yesterday you can fill out the form below and I will add your name into the hat. I will pull out three names this coming Monday 8th August 2016 and will contact you by email if you are one of the three names I draw.

As last time, if your name is drawn I will send you a free 30 minute distance healing treatment for you or someone else you nominate with their permission. I will need to contact them myself via email.

Again, I will not be announcing the recipients as I consider privacy to be very important. I have been giving free distance healings to those in need for nearly two decades now. I do not run a business and do not charge for any healing given. However, due to time and healing given elsewhere, I only have three spots available I can offer every so often through my blog.

Reiki will not cause any harm but, as we have to do these days, I will take your entry into the draw as your acceptance that you do so at your own unconditional risk.

I will ask more about your specific needs if your name is drawn out of the hat.


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