Lemurian Seed Crystal


The Lemurian Seed Crystal was one of those ones which I hesitated about buying into when I first started my crystal collecting. They are said to have come from those who lived in the legendary lost island of Lemuria which is believed by some to have existed 14000 years ago. It is said that the religious leaders of Lemuria foretold about the great flood at the end of the last ice age and seeded these crystals deep in the Earth around the world for future generations to find and download the knowledge within. To be honest, I thought this was simply a nice selling point which had been made up by a enterprising soul who saw a chance to make a bit of cash.

As time went by and I started to investigate ancient civilisations and the myths and legends told by indigenous cultures who could trace their lineage back to that era, I began to wonder more about them and decided to purchase one.

Whether the legend of Lemuria is true or not I can tell you that, for me, these crystals have a very powerful energy. Mine buzzes in my hand and forms a comforting, healing blanket around my whole aura. I use it in my work with Reiki if needed to enhance distance healing and also use it when working on myself in meditation. I will lay it on my heart chakra and it really does lift my mood and give me clarity.

Lemurian Seed Crystals were originally found in Brazil where they (unusually for quartz) grow in beds of sand and are not attached to any cluster. They are said to be a source of wisdom which is very true in my experience. They are used for whole body healing, improving quality of life after a serious injury or during a terminal illness. They are said to reduce pain and strengthen the immune system. It  has been reported they have even brought good results when used with coma patients.

Lemurians bring light into darkness and give us a special energy which is unique in strength and healing abilities. I think this crystal is a must buy for any healer and I am very glad I changed my mind and bought one!

Have you got a Lemurian and what’s your opinion?


24 thoughts on “Lemurian Seed Crystal”

  1. I don’t have one now, but I have had them in the past, and I’m pretty much where you are on them: I have no idea if the whole Lemuria thing is true (and am *very* skeptical about every possible scratch and ding in a quartz crystal suddenly having a name and some deep meaning that quadruples the price), but these stones do seem to have a different energy. I’m not sure if the literal truth of Lemuria even matters to these stones; they do what they do either way.

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  2. I’m not sure about the Lemuria civilization either. I need to go check my quartz crystals and see if any have those marks. Sometimes I think as you do, an enterprising person got a cool idea for marketing. I feel this way about the enhanced crystals, like Aquar Aura, I believe that’s the one, that has a coating on it. Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t resonate or have a good purpose, I’m saying I personally put that in a different category from a natural stone or crystal.

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    1. Hello Karen 🙂

      I am with you on the coated ones. I think it is just added sparkle and adds nothing really solid to the crystal’s original energy but others may disagree. I guess if it works then it works and I don’t like to judge others using them they just don’t feel any different to me either!

      The Lemurian, however, does feel very much a high vibrational stone to me and, whatever the origins, I am grateful to have one in my collection. It has a wonderful energy 🙂

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  3. My experience with the Lemurian crystal that found me is similar to how the experience you explained.. A few years ago, new on the healing journey, I attended a fair. I walked up to a table full of crystals and gemstones, picked up a Lemurian point, put it down and walked away. Within 5 minutes, I was pulled back to the table – literally I felt an energetic pull. Again, didn’t listen, put it down and walked away. Well the 3rd trip back to the table and I heard “I AM You, You are me” WTHeck…..Needless to say, the Lemurian Point found me, came home with me and has been an integral part of my healing journey! If one calls you, answer the call! You will not be disappointed and the Lemurian will be at home.-Namaste and thanks for sharing

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    1. What a wonderful experience, Samantha! I have had similar experiences with a few crystals giving me a pull I couldn’t ignore and they came home with me too. I prefer to buy crystals face to face as it were although I have bought plenty online too.

      Thanks for sharing and I wish you a wonderful day!


  4. I have a Lemurian Seed Crystal but have not used it really. I have not felt anything from it really. Though I am not sensitive enough to feel the energies of the crystals themselves. I do feel the benefit from crystals as I attribute a lot of my success and change from working with crystals.

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    1. Hello Jason, I am glad you are able to get the benefit of crystal energy even if you can’t feel anything when holding them. You aren’t alone in that as many people find the same!

      I meditate several times with a new crystal after cleansing and charging it to get a feel for its energy and introduce it to mine. I find this the best way of getting to know each one individually and finding out how it can help and support me.

      Thanks for your comment. I wish you a fabulous weekend!

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