I am taking a little break from blogging from today for a couple of weeks to enjoy some family time and get some decorating done. I might get the odd thing up but it will be a little quiet whilst we do battle with wallpaper and then afterwards take a few well-earned trips out and about to the beach and forest.


Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

What we have also been doing is Perseid meteor watching and have seen some every evening around Cassiopeia between 11pm and 12am. It has been quite a display and they peak in the UK this Friday evening. This year there are supposed to be at least twice the usual amount of meteors and so far this seems to ring true. You should be pretty much guaranteed to see some in the latter half of every evening on a clear night. Even from our back garden in a town we have been fortunate every evening since Saturday. We are going out in the countryside again later in the week to see more and have found a very good spot in the middle of nowhere. So good, in fact, that on Sunday evening a car pulled up beside ours and told us the view a little further on was even better without asking what on Earth we were doing, indicating we had inadvertently stumbled on a well loved local spot through sheer instinct alone…or blind luck even 😉

I shall see you all soon when I am back – refreshed and hopefully not too sunburnt around the edges 😀




14 thoughts on “Holidays!”

  1. Another case of great minds. I’ll be out of action for a short while too and I’m hoping we’ll be looking at the meteors too! Have a lovely break and see you in a couple of weeks! x

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      1. Yes definitely – I suspect internet won’t be available anyway which is probably just as well so I can’t be tempted… Have a fab time and we can compare ‘tans’ on return – hehe… x

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  2. I hope you’ve had a lovely break? We did until the gale force winds nearly blew our tent down last night – LOL – yikes!! We were still laughing this morning after a few swear words – unlike some not so happy campers this morning who’s tents didn’t survive the night – oops!.

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      1. Fabulous – I think we’ll both be in ‘catch up’ mode for a couple of weeks by the sound of your latest post. I just did a mass ‘delete’ on all the emails received to my new brilliancewithin email account in the knowledge that I can catch up on some blog reading instead of just trawling through emails.. x

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  3. I hope you had a lovely time-clicked on follow for your blog, sorry I thought I already did! (Unless I clicked off by accident..rubbish phone..) Quite envious you saw meteors, we were hoping for some, possibly too much light pollution here. Hope you are well : )x

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