Ocean Jasper



Today it is the turn of these two lovely pieces of Ocean Jasper to make themselves known to you all. Ocean Jasper is so called as it is found only when the tide is low in a certain place in Madagascar. It is a type of orbicular jasper which gets its orbicular reference from the patterns on the rocks themselves.

If you are having a hard time seeing something from another person’s point of view or you need to develop some self-love then Ocean Jasper might be worth a try. It’s a quiet stone full of gentle, positive energy. A bit like a friend who hasn’t much small talk but stands beside you in times of need, letting their strength speak for them. Like that friend, Ocean Jasper shows us how to be more patient with others and ourselves and waits with us whilst we sort ourselves out. It is also said to gently release anger and pent up negative emotions.

Ocean Jasper says go with the flow but be aware you reap what you sow. Take the short cut and it will be bumpy. It is said to help with the digestive system, IBS, removes toxins and helps with inner ear disturbances and sea sickness.

With the green and pink colours of these particular ones I use them with my heart chakra. Very much a stone of peaceful intentions in my experience and very pretty too!


11 thoughts on “Ocean Jasper”

    1. Thank you, Andrea, that is a lovely thing to say.

      There are many fascinating and fantastical things on and around our beautiful planet. Experience has taught me never to dismiss the extraordinary out of hand without giving it due thought and attention first to see if there is a truth to be discovered. I have been fortunate to work with the energies around us for many years and I have seen some wonderful outcomes which cannot be explained by any other means. I want to pass on what I have learnt in my studies and experiments so far and this blog is a perfect place to do so 🙂


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