When The Mirror Growls


Sometimes it’s just hard to get in front of the mirror and see anything good about our reflection. As we get older things tend to go southwards and with it our self confidence. Now there may be those of you who are gym or yoga bunnies and haven’t a scrap of fat on your lean torsos and for that I congratulate you! For the rest of us who, for various reasons, can’t do that sort of regime it can be a difficult reflection to make friends with.

What I do every day is write down the things I am grateful for in my life and say it out loud in a prayer to my Goddess and the universe itself. I also give thanks for my fabulous legs, sky blue eyes and still firm boobs. Not bad after five kids either…take a seat Sam Fox. There are numerous parts of my body which are not how I would wish them to be but, due to circumstances, there is not a great deal I can do about it. I eat as healthily as hormones will allow, do my stretching exercises twice a day and try to keep as supple as possible. On my confident days my baby belly is a proud statement. It’s a reminder I managed to bring into the world five fabulous human beings who are out there making their mark on the world. Why view something so special in a bad way?

I also try to make up for the less than perfect outside by making sure the inside is well cared for. That old grey matter. Although I do have what might be called ‘a bit of a brain fug’ sometimes, I constantly fight back with meditation, mindfulness, aromatherapy, memory exercises, reiki and other methods to make sure my brain and memory are kept in tip top (for me!) condition. It’s no good having a beautiful outside if the inside is vacant, ignorant or unbalanced. This also has the knock on effect of making sure the flaws I do see on the outside are shrugged off more easily as they become much less important when my mind is occupied by more meaningful questions and pursuits.

However we choose to look after our own bodies we should always do so in a way which is right for us. A way which makes us feel good and confident. A way in which our self esteem is increased and not decreased. So I am going to take my size 14 figure, give it a shake and a wiggle and saunter off with my head held high.

Guilty feelings on eating a small piece of chocolate cake? Move along, folks, nothing like that to see here!


20 thoughts on “When The Mirror Growls”

  1. I’ve struggled with all sorts of issues of body image for as long as I can remember. Shape has been a thing for me most of my life, but the mixed messages women get about being tall, especially when young, are kind of horrible. Never mind a billion pieces of fiction that insist tall women are sexy and elegant and blah blah blah. You’re not getting a date with a guy shorter than you until at least college, babe. They’re *all* shorter than you? TFB. I was 5’10” by my sophomore year of high school; I was pretty much a stomping giant. No boy’s getting near that, all the novels in the universe notwithstanding, and I was taller than everyone in my graduating class of 250, male and female, with one exception. Since this also wasn’t a teen movie, we didn’t fall madly in love.

    Other than my height, I’m kind of relentlessly average — a little heavier than the actuary-chart standard, but my height does grant me the boon of letting me carry a little extra. I mostly pass through life unnoticed, and I’m good with that 99% of the time, but recent events in my life remind me there’s a price for that, too. All the gym teachers who ever gave the spit-flying lecture about not being able to win if you don’t compete were right. I wish just one of them had warned me about the other half of it, though: If you don’t compete, you can still lose.

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  2. Wonderful post .. one must come closer to self and accept self as it is.
    Nothing is permanent & so is our body in this transitory world .
    Once the purpose of we being here is over , body has to go back to its origin & soul to it’s.

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