Spiritual Guidance


This year has seen me make wonderful progress with my spirit guides. I always knew there was spiritual guidance around me but I had a particular type of contact with them. This has always been because I don’t feel comfortable having direct verbal communication with spirit.

My communications with my guides tend to be pictorial and emotional – fast paced images which give the whole story quickly and efficiently accompanied by the appropriate emotion. My empath side works in the same way in my day to day life. It is quite an exhausting way of communicating as it is very involved emotionally rather than given as a detached, verbal communication but it is my choice and how I asked for it to be. I feel their presence and personality, that is how I know they are there, and each is unique. A daydream but with more substance and meaning, is the best way I can think to describe an encounter.

This summer I learnt the names of two of my spirit guides – one male and one female – after I decided I wanted to learn a little more. Strangely it didn’t seem that important to know their names before and I was just used to them being there but this year I just felt the need to know. I am really glad I did find out as it makes the contact even more real for me rather than still being able to leave it all in the ‘possibly all in my imagination’ arena and playing it safe and scientifically sound 🙂

I have three everyday spirit guides. One is a beautiful but ancient woman who has a no nonsense feel to her, one is a young boy who is a rebel and just a little sarky sometimes and the other is an elemental who is joy and laughter. These three could easily be the three strongest parts of my personality but I have come to accept them as separate to me and I give them due respect. The woman is very much in the forefront and her name is the female one I was given this year. Rather strongly given in the end because at one point I still wasn’t sure (ever the doubting one!).

As an aside, all this doubt and wanting proof keeps my feet firmly on the ground in my spiritual work. I think this is a good thing. I have complete faith that the energy work I do works for the highest good of the person receiving it but I am also wise enough to know I am merely a channel for the energy and not some powerful being who is superior to other people. The worse thing someone who works with energy can do is believe they are more than they are. Delusion can lead the unwitting down many unpleasant roads.


My joy elemental has a lot to answer for and I am pretty much convinced my inappropriately timed humour and love of the ridiculous comes from them. Humour has seen me through many a challenge and I welcome its presence, even when it does get me some strange looks.

I also know a man has been around me since I was a little girl, way before I knew of his significance. I learnt his name this year too. He has two women standing with him sometimes – this is my team of healers and they allow me to help others to the best of my ability through my energy work. I am instinctively able to choose crystals, aromatherapy and symbols to heal and replenish others and I have always just seemed to know how to do these things. I believe I have these particular guides to thank for these valuable skills.

Another team I regularly give thanks to is my Reiki team of healers and those who are representative of other healing systems I use too. I feel very much heard when I indicate where I would like distance healing sent and there is always a feeling of teamwork, love and satisfaction.


Recently I have been looking at connecting with any animal guides I might have. I would say the Stag, the Magpie, the Snake and the Raven all have important roles in my life. Interestingly there has also been a polar bear who has been visiting me often in my meditations lately.

What is your take on spirit guides? Do you have any and how do you communicate with them?


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  1. You’re familiar with how much and how often I work with spirits. For me, there are different kinds, but the line between isn’t always clear. I have guides, which are most often human-like figures — Maman Brigitte/Brigid, Kuan Yin, the archangels. They will often appear to me outside of journeying, and communicate through divination. I have allies, as well. They’re nearly always plant, animal, and bird spirits. The core ones since I received my shamanic calling have been Chamomile, Spider, Skunk, Raven, and Bear. Those are always close at hand when I journey, and others come and go as I need them. I’m returning to old stomping grounds now, and some familiar allies have begun turning up in my thoughts and my dreams, usually a reliable sign they’re returning. In the past several days, I’ve had visits from Manatee, Manta Ray, and Rattlesnake. Allies often communicate through dreams, and they send messengers in the flesh occasionally, but it’s rare for them to cross to this side themselves to communicate with me, and they don’t often speak directly to me through divination, either. Our contact is nearly all through journeying.

    I’ve always had a hard time successfully describing how I “see” on journeys, because I don’t really see. I’m not a visual person; I sometimes think my keratoconus is a real-world analogue of that. When I journey, I silently speak the narrative of it to myself; I am, after all, a words person. That narrative includes a lot of detail about what things look like, but I don’t ever really “see” those things in the usual visionary sense. Trying to explain that to people usually amps up the “oh, so you’re making it up” response, because as I’ve encountered over the years, most people don’t think that way, and many struggle even to conceptualize it.

    I thought you’d find this interesting: Bears are healers in a good number of cultures worldwide, and in many, white bears are especially so. That seems to be particularly true of cultures in which white bears would only appear naturally as rare albinos. The Zuni culture, from which my fetish carvings come, is part of the larger grouping of Pueblo cultures; in many of them, the societies of healers are called Bear Societies, and white bears in particular are their symbols. There definitely are no polar bears in the desert Southwest!

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    1. Yes, it is difficult to put into words, as I said in my reply to Wendy just now. It’s like a package being delivered, a software download straight into the hard drive, a blending of several colours to make a photo…might as well work the quirk.

      I am always happy to see my white bear, polar or otherwise, interesting info there too 🙂


      1. On the rare occasions when I journey with someone else present, they’re often surprised by how brief a journey is. They average 10 or 15 minutes, and even ones in which I have a lot to accomplish rarely take longer than 30 minutes. Everything’s so highly compressed, it always surprises me how clear and detailed my memory is when I return. That’s one clear way I can tell journey from dream — the compression is similar, but I don’t remember with anything near that clarity what happened in a dream, if at all.

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  2. Although I haven’t connected with any spirit guides myself, I have had a number of ‘spirit’ experiences over the years linked to my family.. It’s really interesting to hear about your connection and recent development with your guides.. Having been lucky enough to experience your ‘distance Reiki , I would like to send my personal thanks to your Reiki guides.. x
    ps – I love the new photo’s on your site header..

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    1. Thanks, Wendy. It can be a difficult thing to express for many reasons (privacy, difficulty in putting the experience across succinctly enough to make any sort of sense when it ‘just is’ etc) but I wanted to see what others had to say about their own experiences.

      Header – An autumn produce feel, I thought, as we come into the season 🙂

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      1. Being born in September there is something about this month I love (not just my birthday – ha!) – It’s the colours as the trees start to change that brings true colour into our lives! It is really brave I think to talk openly about spirituality as there are so many ‘non believers’ who look at us as if we are slightly ‘mad’ (well speaking for myself they could be right – hehe!.. ) Great post and very brave. My sister is a ‘medium’ and has very much connected with her spirituality (as you can see from the photo of her as a mermaid on my site.. where she was connecting with her inner mermaid).. I’m learning more.. Have a great week!

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  3. I think I receive information in a similar way – visually and emotionally. I connect more with animal guides and the plant spirits, but recently with other spirits, too. I think this is a time when the Earth spirits are very present for healers. And of course, ancestors. Lately also a deity or two, whic is welcome. I am with Maia on the length of my journeys, very short, no nonsense. This may reflect my own personality and therefore, the spirits who work through me. We are moving into the Dark Half of the year, going within after receiving the abundance of our harvests. It’s a good time to reach out or be open, to our guided, especially the ancestors. Samhain is traditionallu a time of the thinning of the veil between worlds, but I think the veil it thinning overall.

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  4. I loved reading through this post so much. How did you get to the point where you could see who your spirit guides where ? I’ve been going through a lot of stuff lately, and struggling heavily with my practices 😞


    1. It is more their essence and quite difficult to describe but I intuitively ‘see’ them now much easier than I did.

      I struggled a lot with this too. I was never quite sure what was my imagination and what wasn’t. I have always tried to be very level headed about my spirituality and always questioning. I decided to stop trying so hard and be more accepting and that’s when things became clearer. Meditate, keep grounded, do things which make you happy. Trust. Be you.

      One more thing I will say is that I find we all go through difficult times on our spiritual paths. Doubt creeps in, practices don’t seem so important or feel a bit off. My advice would be go with the flow and don’t feel guilty or wrong in doing so. It is okay to have a break, nothing untoward will happen. Some days I miss a meditation. Some days I miss a gratitude prayer. Some days I don’t feel like communicating. It is also okay to change direction when something isn’t working. If it no longer feels right and comforting/comfortable, cease doing it.

      I hope this week is a better one for you. Many blessings!


  5. Very refreshing and interesting. I do speak to my guides. I think for me sensing a guide or spirit comes across the same was as when we are dreaming, we don’t need a dialog or narrated story, we just know already. I feel that the more we encourage and believe in our connection, the stronger the connection gets and the clearer the messages or images. I relate very much to the ‘download’ feeling, too.

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  6. Nope – never had spirit guides, just God and angels. I have asked in a general curious way several times over the years to see if anyone is around but no. Nothing. Then again, I am not fussed. I like to go the top, hear it from the horse’s mouth so to speak! For example, I know Sylvia Browne’s spiritual guide Francine often gets information wrong. Why take that risk? I have given Reiki to people and have seen certain mortal figures around them which is always interesting.

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