September Abundance and a Book Recommendation


This is the time of year where we give gratitude for the harvest of the land. We gather seeds for the coming year so that we may have an abundance of food again next year and give thanks to the Earth for what we have been given.

It is also a good month for looking at our own accomplishments and mistakes…to look at what we have reaped from what we have sown during the year so far, both in produce and emotionally. Are there any improvements we can make to ourselves and our environment? Do we recycle as much as we should?  Could we make more use of the garden space we have and do we need a new growing plan for next year? And what can we do to make ourselves more healthy and content, inside and out?

Now is the time to start foraging for those juicy blackberries down quiet country pathways and making homemade blackberry and apple pies served with cream. Yummy! 😉

I recently bought a copy of The Magical Year by Danu Forest. A fabulous book and a must-have for every nature loving soul who likes a Celtic Druid twist to their turn of the wheel. It is packed full of information, craft ideas, rituals and traditions for embracing a year of nature and I love it!


In this practical and inspiring celebration of the festivals of the Celtic seasonal Wheel of the Year, Danu draws on her many years of personal practice and teaching to skilfully revive the ancient rituals and traditions of all eight festivals Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumn Equinox, Samhain and Winter Solstice helping you weave a more soulful, nature-centred way of living into your everyday existence. Throughout the book, beautiful illustrations in the Celtic style capture the special atmosphere of each festival.

  • Learn to call upon the deities to support and assist you in your journey
  • Explore Celtic starlore to glean spiritual insights from the heavens
  • Make meaningful gifts for friends and family
  • Cast spells for creativity, fertility and blessing
  • Decorate your home with crafts and altars to manifest sacred space
  • Use the abundance of nature in recipes for self-healing and for delicious feasts
  • Explore the deeper meanings of the festivals through magical guided visualizations


13 thoughts on “September Abundance and a Book Recommendation”

  1. Love this post, it’s made me super excited for Autumn! It has to be my favourite season, although I’m looking outside and it still feels like bloomin summer, my least favourite season lol. I’ve never really looked at this season from the perspective of fresh starts, but really like that idea – and also the book recommendation! 😊

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