A Small Magickal Garden

I really enjoyed this round up from MagickMermaid so thought I would share! Two rare re-blogs in one day 😀


A Small Magickal Garden

EPSON scanner image

Summer is evolving into Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.  It is almost harvest time and the moon is new. Twinkling lights flutter over the garden wall. It’s the faerie folk come to celebrate the season.

This is a garden for a small space. The apple tree is Espalier (horticultural and ancient agricultural practice of controlling woody plant growth by pruning and tying branches so that they grow in relatively flat planes, frequently in formal patterns, against a structure such as a wall, fence, or trellis).

Some Plant Lore from left to right with some of their magickal uses:
The Apple is ruled by Venus and the element of water. It is symbol of immortality and knowledge; used in love and healing spells.

Rosemary is ruled by the sun and element of fire. It used to purify and cleanse, and to rid a place of negativity. Some…

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9 thoughts on “A Small Magickal Garden”

  1. Hi, hope you are well (lovely reblog btw) I’ve been nominated for the Harry Potter Spell Tag and I wondered if you fancied a go as you are one of my nominations… sorry… if you’re interested have a look at my post tomorrow. Thank you 🙂 x

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      1. Aw thank you, I do appreciate it 🙂 briefly… you know the spells that Harry Potter uses in the books, like Expecto Patronum? Apparently you have to associate a book and a memory with them; like one of them is a book you had to do for school… that sort of thing. No pressure, enjoy your evening 🙂

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