The night the lights went out…

This one needed sharing. Thanks to Free Your Soul for this thought provoking piece.

Free Soul

Photo sourceego

The power went out. For many, it was frustrating, inconvenient, boring. For me it was profound. I watched as neighbors, usually clamored around a television or hunched over a screen stepped outside. Doors, usually closed to keep the air conditioning inside were opened to let the breeze flow through. Children, with no electronic distraction filled the playgrounds. Teenagers, unplugged tossed footballs and frisbees. Mothers pushed strollers and pet owners held leashes. The endless whir of electronics silenced, I heard the birds, the crickets, the frogs. As the sky began to darken, teenagers grabbed flash lights and continued to run around.

The house was pitch black, we all gathered in one room to pool the candlelight. We told stories, we laughed together, we bonded. Something rarely seen, a feeling rarely felt.

A distant smoke alarm drew me outside to the dark. I didn’t grab my flashlight, nor my cell, like…

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