This beautiful Septarian (or Dragon Stone) was formed about 60 million years ago when dead organic matter was covered in sediment under an ocean. As time went on and the ocean disappeared the mud dried and cracked. Minerals formed including Calcite and Aragonite and gave this particular stone its distinctive appearance. No two Septarian are the same and so their metaphysical vibe will be slightly different depending on their mineral content and amount.

This stone is fairly common and not too expensive to buy. Popular in egg form as above, it makes a good stone to squeeze in your palm and get tactile with if you have something on your mind. Another nurturing stone, it is one which brings harmony between our often warring outer and inner selves as we struggle to balance the two in the world we live in. If you find yourself conforming far too often for your comfort then this stone may well bring you the strength to stand tall and do what is best for your inner peace and self esteem.

Septarian is said to be a very useful stone when communicating with others and enables you to be heard.

I like to use mine when I am undecided about something and weighing up the facts. I also use it in shadow work to balance my present with my past. This stone is said to be shamanic too and this is probably because of its connection to Mother Earth due to the way it was created and the time it takes to come into its glory in the ground.

Beautiful, hey?


15 thoughts on “Septarian”

  1. I have a medicine bear carved from a huge chunk of septarian geode; it’s about 6 inches long and 5 inches tall. It spends a lot of time on my altar as a representative of healing energies and of my spirit allies (of which Bear is a longtime one). I can see the geodes especially as shamanic, with the enclosed world of the crystals within the outer shell; there are even three distinct “worlds” in it.

    It’s probably also my favorite story of a stone coming to you when it’s meant to. I bought it on eBay, back when it was still a kind of freewheeling auction, not a marketing tool for large companies. They had just introduced the Buy It Now system, and the seller either misunderstood it or was trying a bait-and-switch. He’d listed it at a $12 BIN price, and when I snatched it up in total amazement, he almost instantly emailed me and said he’d made a mistake and that was meant to be the starting bid, not the BIN. I held my ground; it smelled like fishing to see if there was an interested and soft-hearted buyer out there, then cranking up the price if I let him out of it. Those were also the days when a dispute like that would have gone to the buyer (not any more, which is a major reason I no longer use eBay). When it arrived, there was a $120 price tag on the bottom of one of the feet; that would have priced me out immediately, and bidding probably would have too eventually. That bear was meant to come home to me. 🙂

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