This week has been a week of waiting and so it has also been a week of shopping. For me that means I wander around eBay and Amazon and loiter around things I shouldn’t be teasing myself with 😀

It meant it was also time for a book which wasn’t esoteric in nature and a bit more of a light, holiday read *ducks incoming missile from Bill Bryson* I know the man can get a bit eggy and hold a grudge because I made a comment to him once on a message board pointing out he had missed out Suffolk in Notes From A Small Island and, guess what, the beggar has purposely missed it out again in this book too. Well, apart from a small footnote which was probably a typo and meant to be Sussex. I know and he knows he has done it on purpose *sniff* 😀

I do love a Bill Bryson book and have them all. I have been meaning to get around to this one for a while now. His distinctive wit is very recognisable…he just goes in and verbally destroys those who dare put even a smidgen of imbecile-like behaviour in his path. I would liken him to being in the latter stages of a typical Grumpy Old Man but, as far as I can tell (because I don’t know him personally obviously), he has been like that at least since he landed in Dover as a young American journalist and possibly before.

Whilst in a Bryson mood I purchased this:


A jolly film based on the book of the same title, which I read when it came out. It is the tale of Bryson and Stephen Katz who team up to walk the Appalachian Trail. It’s packed with classic moments including the time they spent walking and camping next to a female hiker who was so irritating the lads inadvertently chucked themselves off a cliff to avoid her.

Emma Thompson plays Bryson’s wife (Query: Why hasn’t Emma Thompson been made a Dame yet? Fabulous actress that she is!) although I am not entirely sure what she is doing in the film apart from telling Bryson he can’t go and then welcoming him home. Maybe she just wanted to be in a film with Robert Redford or she finds Mr Bryson as funny as I do? The real Mrs B seems to be a lot more involved than that if the many paragraphs mentioning her in Bryson’s books are to be believed but this is Hollywood.

Incidently, Bill Bryson had no imput in the making of the film and simply sold the rights to Robert Redford’s film company. He also only met Redford once (according to an interview I found) but Redford still does a good job of putting across Bryson’s character if the books are to be believed. I was only sorry that there was no call for Robert Redford to fall asleep in the film…Bryson asleep is apparently a thing of wonder. All in all some very funny moments and worth watching especially if you are a fan and can relate to the character which is Bill Bryson 🙂

My other purchases this week included this lovely oracle deck:


I love the artwork in this deck. The artist is the same one who did the Isis Oracle artwork for Alana Fairchild..another visually stunning deck. I haven’t worked with this new deck yet as I bought it a few hours ago (!) but I have looked at a few reviews on YouTube and they do seem to be favourable. In a selection of several decks in the shop this one jumped out at me and I tend to listen when that happens.

It is said by the author that Aradia is the Goddess Diana’s daughter and the first witch. She was sent to Earth to train women in medicine and natural ways and to also BE in their own feminine power. I rather like that. You can find out more about Aradia and decide for yourself if she was a myth, a Goddess in her own power or a real person from history. Hers is an interesting tale.

My last purchase to show you today is this little one:


I had been pondering about getting a crystal skull for some time and finally today this little purple Fluorite chap asked to come home with me. I don’t often get offers like that these days and didn’t want to appear rude so I bought him.

There is more to come when certain Amazon Marketplace sellers get their acts together. There is something I must know. How can it take two weeks to get something to me when I live 30 mins away by train or car from the source? I could practically walk there in a day. Who is bringing it? The owner’s grandma? Pulling along a small cart with one rickety wheel behind her zimmer frame whilst she wheezes from a 60 a day cigarette habit and stops off at every available loo on the way due to having not attended to her pelvic floor sufficently over the years? In the words of Bryson – well, honestly.


23 thoughts on “Dribblings”

    1. Oh you must! He has wandered about America, the UK and Australia making pithy observations and giving a tourist opinion to all he sees…which no tourist board would put in their literature. Sometimes he finds a pleasing view. The thing is if you are at all familiar with the sight and landscape in front of him at the time of reading then you know what he says is true. He is a very funny writer and his books do come with a warning – do not read whilst using public transport…unless you wish to be gurning (or worse snorting) in front of strangers 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I will let you know, Maia. One reviewer said the mother and daughter aspect of the Aradia deck has worked really well for some inner work she is doing in that area so that peaked my interest.

      I have another deck coming soon, Shamanic Healing Oracle, which I have high hopes for because I already have The Shaman’s Oracle and I get along with that exceptionally well.


      1. I’d love to hear what you think of that one, too; it’s sitting on my wish list, but I’ve been reluctant because most decks that claim to be shamanic actually aren’t — they throw some stuff in about animal spirits and call it shamanism. The deck of that type I had the best luck with was the Celtic Shaman’s Pack, but it’s out of print now and the ripoff artists are coming out of the woodwork. I wish i knew what happened to mine.

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        1. I felt quite drawn to it and more so as I watched reviews on YT.

          The Shaman’s Oracle is one of my best decks, if not THE best. Not being experienced in Shamanism I can’t tell you if it is true to its name but I can tell you that for me it is always right, always helpful and always clear. The artwork is meaningful too.


          1. I had the Shaman’s Oracle for a while; I ended up giving to to someone. It’s an absolutely gorgeous deck, and had a more legit feel to me than most, but it never quite clicked with me. (I just found a reissue of the Celtic Shaman’s Pack! YAY! Apparently the cardstock is crappy, but that’s far from unusual these days, and I recall the original not being overly sturdy, either.)

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              1. It’s an odd deck; I’ve never seen a similar one. It got fairly bad reviews in a lot of places because the name isn’t just a name. It’s meant to be used by a shaman to determine how best to journey for a solution to a problem or an answer to a question; it works badly or not at all as a regular divination deck.

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  1. You’re inspiring me again Ms A – now I have to go and get a Bill Bryson book to read! – not sure when that will be as for some ‘blogging’ reason I seem to be running out of time! haha.. oh and holidays of course… x

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