Splash Fiction


Apparently I hovered in the waiting room ready to be reborn at the start of this lifetime and perused a contract which was full of juicy life lessons I hadn’t learnt before.

In my wisdom, as a being of many lifetimes, I decided to pick my current parents, my ex husbands, certain friendships and my health conditions. Bursting with enthusiasm, I let my closest friend (now my guardian angel) in on my plans and she thought it was such a well thought out, fun sounding jaunt that she said she would like to come too and hang around to see how I got on.

Then I signed said contract and, with a thrill of anticipation, floated on downwards to settle into the adrenaline-filled fetus awaiting my arrival.

My friend followed shortly and she is still laughing five decades later…I do believe it is her turn next *whistles nonchalantly* ;-D


12 thoughts on “Splash Fiction”

    1. Thank you!

      That all came off the back of starting to read the first few pages of Sacred Contract and imagining my unborn self thinking my chosen contract was a fabulous idea…like someone saying “Oh yes! Do let’s go bungee jumping! Such fun!”…and thinking of my alter ego or guardian angel if you will thinking “Oh I HAVE to see this!” and then having a fit of giggles over the irony and ridiculousness of it all 😀

      Doesn’t everyone do that whilst alone? No? Oh dear *oops*

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