Purple Fluorite is one of those stones which you can really sense an organic presence from. I know, it probably sounds daft but there it is. It is the perfect stone to have in the shape of a crystal skull because it already has that depth of connection.


There are five colours of fluorite and you can get all five together in the same stone which is known as rainbow fluorite. There are some beautiful jewellery pieces out there using rainbow fluorite and if you feel in need of protection then this is the perfect stone to choose. It is said the protective qualities of fluorite grow the longer you have it and this brings me back to the comforting presence of this stone. A piece of jewellery made with it often becomes a favourite.

Fluorite is said to relieve stress and physical blockages. It is also said to be helpful for those who find facing medical examinations difficult, helping them keep calm and clear headed. The Ancient Chinese believed purple fluorite would offer protection from negative entities.


For me purple fluorite is the stone I turn to when I need spiritual clarity, peace and a clearer head during meditation. I have also found it a useful companion whilst studying. I feel very drawn to my fluorite octahedron in times of family conflict.

It was also a purple fluorite which called me when I was undecided on whether to purchase a crystal skull and which stone I wanted it to be carved in if I did. This skull has an interesting energy (definitely male!) and I have had some thought provoking meditations involving this crystal skull. I have also used it during tarot and oracles readings for myself. I am attempting to fill it with as much love and positive energies as I can and it holds that light well. It is a pleasure to experiment with 🙂



16 thoughts on “Fluorite”

  1. I can vouch for it becoming favorite jewelry. I have a fluorite pendant, banded purple, green, and yellow, that I’ve had for probably 25 years. It’s a survivor of the Great Giveaway, and the piece I reach for first when I’m not sure what i want to wear. It probably gets more comments from people than anything other than the Louisiana opal; someone did a very artistic job of cutting and mounting it.

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    1. I purchased it in a shop in my area where they have one off pieces. I would say a crystal skull is a piece which needs to be purchased face to face so you can really feel which one calls you 🙂

      Thank you, you too! I wish you a fabulous week!


    1. Thank you! I hope you find a piece which you can connect with too. I tend to go with pieces that are a little different these days and try and buy face to face whenever I can.

      I am pretty strict on buying anything new these days and try not to impulse buy but this one was meant to be 🙂

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  2. This sounds like a lovely crystal to add to my newly started collection. I love the crystal skull too ..filled with love – beautiful!
    ps. Great new ‘crystals’ photo for you October new look homepage..

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      1. Amethyst – it seemed to draw me for it’s meaning of providing calm and inner strength.. So now I have 2 (yes I know…very early days..) which is the rose quartz – the first crystal which was a gift from my lovely sister who has been collecting for years… x

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