Ancient Woodland Tour


Last weekend was spent settling our garden in for the colder months again so we had time yesterday to go a little further afield and visit an ancient wood we had been meaning to see for ourselves.

This wood is particularly special to me as it was the wood my grandparents walked in as they courted each other many years ago. My grandmother’s family moved up here from London and she was born not long afterwards.

The wood is looked after very well and the ancient ash stools created by the coppicing make some of these trees the oldest living things in my part of the country.




There are wonderful plants growing in the woods including Spindle with its popcorn shaped fruit.


Crab Apples – my grandmother made crab apple jelly when I was a child, very sweet to counteract the bitterness of the fruit.


Lots of lovely berries and fruits including rosehips.




There was plenty to see here, untouched by pesticides and just how a wood should be with food and healing plants enough for all. At the end of October the fungi this wood is also famous for will start appearing in abundance.

If only all woods were kept like this we would be able to heal ourselves of so many ailments using what Mother Nature has so generously given us. As it is we salivate at conservation areas like this, look but don’t touch and wonder if lessons will ever be learnt.








13 thoughts on “Ancient Woodland Tour”

    1. Thanks, Samantha 🙂

      Photos were all taken by me. I took quite a few of different herbs to help with identification purposes whilst foraging. It was an ideal place to capture several in the same area. Fingers crossed we get back for the emergence of the fungi at the end of the month too!

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  1. You live in a beautiful part of the country I suspect.. Certainly this woodland is beautiful and as you say it’s such a shame there aren’t more places like this to enjoy.. Seeing the rosehips took me back to my own childhood and the making of rosehip syrup which was a very tasty treat! x

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