Getting Rid Of Black Aphids/Black Flies – Essential Oil Recipe


My herbs in pots, namely most of my mint family, were all put in the greenhouse a couple of weekends ago ready for the colder months. I thought they would be nice and safe there but some late visitors, (probably left over from an insect 18-30 (day) holiday jaunt by the looks of them…rabble!) decided to drop in unannounced at what was obviously the equivalent of an insect Little Chef. Whatever the reason there was a brand new menu at The Little Black Aphid and diners were aplenty.

Feeling fairly put out, I put the cauldron on the fire and added a couple of toad eyes, three stag beetle antennae and a handful of vervain. Once this hearty family supper was on I decided to tackle the aphid problem.

The completely natural method is to hand pick them off one by one. I thought about this option for a few seconds but discarded the idea when I realised I had a life. However, it may have also been because I just didn’t fancy it 😀

Here is my essential oil recipe for tackling the beasties –

200ml of water

6 drops of thyme

5 drops of peppermint

5 drops of clove

6 drops of rosemary

1 spray bottle

At this time of year you can probably afford to cut your herbs back a little anyway but for those leaves left I suggest a liberal spray of the above concoction. It only took one application and a few choice words and my aphid invasion ceased production. Of course I am not a qualified aromatherapist so it may have been my few choice words which made the aphids drop down stone dead. I can’t say. If in doubt then I urge you to try reasoning with them first…and if that doesn’t work then do try the essential oils  😉

Do be careful not to spray any loitering spiders. I accidently caught two right in their eyes and they were not happy! It’s the peppermint, they hate it apparently. When I went back later they had moved out and left the place in quite a state. I don’t recommend it.

I suggest always washing leaves you intend to consume very well before eating, especially after spraying with the above recipe.

Always consult a qualified aromatherapist and your medical provider before trying any of my recipes. Do not use essential oils if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Please note: I can’t be held responsible for the demise of any pet aphids, this mixture will probably kill them whether you have given them pet names or not. Thank you  😉


16 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of Black Aphids/Black Flies – Essential Oil Recipe”

    1. Well, we all appreciate a good disclaimer, Faye ;-D I have written some quite florid ones since starting this particular blog but they don’t get to be published in case someone who doesn’t feel they want to be responsible for their own actions takes me literally hehe. We live in a very silly and difficult time! Do you remember when we used to fall over and just felt a bit daft and laugh about it? 😃

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      1. Hahhahahha!!! I think the aphids would be pretty scared as there are already LOTS of spiders…. – It’s one way of curing anyone with a spider phobia when they come for hypnotherapy… haha! There is some mint but no lemon balm – do they like Thyme? If not you’d better keep them right where you’ve left them!!! So we’ve seen ‘wicked witch’ and now we’ve got the ‘naughty witch’ – hmmm… whatever next! Have a fab weekend! xx

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      1. I went from a mild-mannered magickal mermaid to Morgaine the Moth Slayer in the place I rented. Now in my house I have morphed into Morgaine the Spider Annihilator and Morgaine the Gnat Crusher. So I’ll try it! 🙂

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