Autumn Fungifest


We have had a wonderful week off! We managed to go back to the ancient wood just in time to see the fungi explode. Several old favourites were there including, of course, the infamous fly agaric 🙂


There is something enchanting about fungi…strange but true, at least for me 🙂



Beautiful colours and shapes of all sizes. Did you know that fungi are the biggest organisms in the world? Did I spell ‘organisms’ correctly? *checks* Phew!




Do you recognise any of these? There are over 3000 species of fungi in the UK. Most guidebooks tell you about 100 or so of them…be careful which you chew on if you want to tell the tale of it later as many of them are poisonous and fungi are very difficult to correctly identify as they can look very similar to each other! Cross check them in several books yourself to be on the safe side and never rely on just one photograph on the internet for correct identification.


Some fungi are so big they are practically a meal on their own…if you have the right stomach for it.







Flowers and berries were still scattered about…rosehips and black bryony aplenty too.


And THIS is where the fairies live… 😉

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12 thoughts on “Autumn Fungifest”

  1. I’ve never been to woods that seem so bountiful! Nor have I ever come across that many types of fungi – some of them are surprisingly pretty, never mind edible. Autumn is such a beautiful season and your post really captures that feeling 🙂

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    1. Beautiful, hey?

      Unfortunately there are often organised gangs who pick all the fungi and sell them on to restaurants. They take the lot and leave it to the restaurants to sort through them. This can injure the trees and therefore the woods themselves. This is one of the reasons why I am not naming this particular ancient wood.

      I am so glad you enjoyed my post. Thank you!

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  2. Oh man, that reminds me of a teacher in 9th grade who actually made the mistake. I wish I could recall the author she was talking about, but she was supposed to say that he believed that “man is a violent organism.” That isn’t what she said. A dozen 9th grade G/T students fell on the floor, and class more or less ended for that day.

    Shrooming would be very good in this area if I knew anything at all about them. You don’t have to leave the city very far to land in wooded bayou and swamp country. It’s awesome dragon/damselfly country, too, but it’s too late in the year even here for all but one or two species now.

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    1. Lol! It’s a common verbal affliction 🙂

      We saw a few damselflies when we went to the woods a couple of weeks ago. Less this time but still active, one almost landed on me as I was taking a photo haha.

      I’m still trying to work my way around identifying all the fungi we saw on our latest trip. I have a few more photos too. The best display I have ever seen, we were stopping to photograph something or other every few feet.


      1. That’s one thing I did miss about here; skipping the issue of microhabitats for the moment, there are around 70 species of dragons/damsels that can be seen in the area. There would be close to twice that many if we were 50 miles or so further inland. There are a few that fly very close to year-round, but things are at their most interesting in spring and summer, of course.

        I think they appeal to the nature and the language parts of me equally; nothing has better names than odos do. I mean, what’s better — seeing a Stygian Shadowdragon, or being able to say the words when you tell someone you did? 🙂

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