Autumn FungiFest 2


These are a few photos taken from a visit to a second ancient wood today. I really wanted to show you this fabulous beauty around the bottom of this tree. I have left the photo on the rather large side so you can appreciate the size of this fungus. This particular one went around the tree about three quarters of the way around.



There were other fungi present too. This tree seemed to be in symbiosis with several types.





Then there were these fungi on the ground just on the border of the wood…groovy.



A rosehip which ‘swayed still’ long enough for me to photograph it 🙂


There were loads of these spider webs over holes in the field where the deer wander. I was half expecting Aragog to pop up…



And finally, for your personal appreciation, one of the more exclusive properties available for the fae hearted in these parts 😉


© All photos/images belong to the administrator of In The Autumn Of My Life. Please do not copy and reuse them in any way without written permission. Thank you🙂


8 thoughts on “Autumn FungiFest 2”

    1. It has a lovely ambience. Ooh yes you are right about the tree…I may have hugged it myself and exchanged energies whilst there too 😉 This tree is one of my favourites and we often visit. Today it had a real treat for me on my fungi hunting expedition…coincidental much? 🙂 xx


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