When Too Much Is Quite Enough!


I ordered one ginger root in my weekly shop from Tesco. This is what I got and yes, the pencil is full size.

Anyone got any recipes for two tonnes of ginger? No, me neither πŸ˜‚


25 thoughts on “When Too Much Is Quite Enough!”

    1. Draw faces on them?! There’s enough mouths to feed already around these parts and five children is enough for anyone! What will it be next? A pack of ginger friends running around demanding entertainment? Nope, they have been parted from their essentials and placed in the freezer before anymore mischief can occur. They can sit there and shiver every time they hear something being grated. They will be begging to be steeped in boiling water by the end of the week, you’ll see! *menopausal cackling laughter* πŸ˜†

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        1. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… Vicious, it was, vicious. The kitchen was covered in outer husk and fibrous middle! It was a herb bath in there. The protestors words are muffled now and all you can really hear is the knocking together of their nodules. Another 20 minutes and there will be silence…

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  1. I just googled it, here are some suggestions, hot tea, soup, fish, stir-fries, sweet things like pies, you’re going to be busy in the kitchen for a year!! Maybe you could make a nice scrub with it or satchets for Christmas presents..hee hee…you sure did get your money’s worth!! πŸ˜‰

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  2. That’s a shipment and a half! I do like to add some to homemade soups for that bit of ‘zing’ with a few chilli flakes or chopped fresh chilli.. They make a good ‘soup combo’.. However – with that amount your going to need to buy an extra freezer with the amount of soup you’ll need to cook to get through that lot!

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    1. I will tell you the full story on this, Wendy. I was ordering the weekly shop via Tesco website and pressed the button to checkout which then brought up the ‘Have you forgotten any of these?’ page or whatever it is. One of the choices was a ginger root so and it just said the number so I clicked ‘1’.

      Next thing I know I have this lot. I put the photo on Twitter and had a giggle at the expense of the long suffering Tesco customer support by tagging them. I got back a message saying it is a weighted item so I checked and it is, IF you buy it straight from the shopping aisle (if you like) but the weighted choices don’t come up on the ‘Have you forgotten’ page as the thought had crossed my mind but I presumed it was a bag of ginger root as there were no weights to choose from.

      The interesting thing is that, before you drop down the menu on the shopping aisle page, your first choice is 0.5kg of ginger!! And I bet lots of people have just clicked buy 1 when in a hurry so it clearly looks to Tesco as if that was what I did even when I didn’t haha. I didn’t bother to explain all this to them…with 144 characters to fit it all in I just thought I would let it lie πŸ˜€

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      1. Now I’m laughing VERY loud… How hilarious!!! I bet Tesco have made a fortune and the sales of ‘ginger’ has increased massively! It’s one way of making a profit.. hehe!! Thanks for making me ‘belly’ laugh.. oohhh yes – wobbling!! x

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