Karmic Soulmates Forever?


There are times when you just shouldn’t go backwards. This week an old friend of mine contacted one of my daughters through Facebook. This isn’t the first time this friend has reappeared after disappearing once she felt better about whatever it was which drew her back to me.

The trouble is this lass is one of my platonic, karmic soul mates. She herself would laugh her head off at such a suggestion as she is not spiritual in the least and found my beliefs to be quite ‘out there’. However, that doesn’t nullify it. She is, we are and with that comes a certain obligation. I may have put up with more than I should have from her before but that was because I felt very protective of her and those emotions about our connection were and are very real to me. I can say no more than that online just in case anyone who knows us both sees this, however unlikely that is. I don’t want to cause her any pain by revealing things about her.

Instead of welcoming her back with open arms for a third time, ten years later, I took a step away before I replied to my daughter’s query about what I wanted to do next. I thought on it for a bit, considered how I felt the last time and decided that this time I just couldn’t go backwards and fall into that pattern again. What I did decide to do was to send healing, lots of it, to her and her wife and try and do my best for her that way.

Sometimes, however much you care about a person and whatever the strength of connection, you just can’t go back there and this time, my love, I am taking this life lesson and acting on it. I know you won’t see this but I am sending you love and light, wishing you all the good things in life and letting you go in peace. Be happy.


7 thoughts on “Karmic Soulmates Forever?”

  1. I agree; going backwards does not work. I always felt people come into our lives to teach us something. Some friendships last a life time. Others don’t for various reasons. Cherish what was good and however difficult, let go. Sending healing energy to you! 🙂

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