Peridot With Olivine


This is a small but beautifully formed nugget of péridot, with a sprinkling of olivine, from my personal collection.

Olivine is one of the most abundant crystals on the planet. There is a famous beach in Hawaii at South Point where a beach of green olivine sand is found. Local legend suggests you may enjoy the healing energies but do not dare to steal away any of the sand for yourself or suffer the wrath of the Goddess Pele who does not tolerate its removal from her island. Whether buying this online (and technically, therefore, not removing it yourself) negates this threat is unclear…


Péridot has a long history of being worn to envelop the wearer in a comforting shield to keep away evil spirits and nightmares. It is said to amplify reiki energy and, indeed, it used to be my ‘go to’ stone for use during distance healings before I had my lemurian seed crystal. Péridot has been used for eons as a stone in jewellery and was a firm favourite with the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans, both lovers of its sparkling personality. It is a stone of the Fae and it is said that a person wearing péridot will likely attract their attention.


A crystal of the heart chakra, it is said to protect you from those feelings of jealousy which spring up sometimes in romantic relationships when we are reminded of past misdeeds by another from a former relationship. Péridot keeps your mind more firmly on your present relationship and helps keep old hurts from tainting the new love.

Péridot energy can best be described as soft yet steadfast energy which flares up more strongly when needed and it is a stone I turn to on those days when my hormones get the better of me and I need to see more clearly the actual cause of my current emotional response.


These crystals are born from the fire of the Earth in molten rock or brought in meteorites. They are associated with the Sun, again a powerful force of nature, and give you the fire in your belly to succeed and the means to burn through any negative thinking which no longer serves you and holds you back.



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