Together We MUST Stand


I have tried to write something light for my blog for the past few days and I am getting nowhere.

I know exactly why that is.

I want to write about Standing Rock and about how important that water supply is to the lives of those people and the animals on the land they have sworn to protect. I want to say how disappointed I am that President Obama (who isn’t my president but whom I thought was a good man) hasn’t made this his last humanitarian drive before he leaves office. I guess there is money to be made in after dinner speeches to these companies in the future which can’t be put at risk.

I want to write about ALL the indigenous people who have had the land that sustains them ripped away from them by corporations who want to make money from the resources and therefore (with the governments backing…thanks to a backhand reward or two, no doubt) they get to ride roughshod over any complaints made by people who know nothing of money and greed nor have the capacity or knowledge to fight back.

Photograph – Reuters

I want to write about the Chagos islanders who were moved from their homes in 1971 by gunpoint so that the UK government could give the land to the USA to base a military post there years ago. The base lease is up for renewal, wildlife devastation has been left behind and now the government have turned the island into a nature preservation area thereby preventing the return of the islanders. It was the islanders who protected and conserved the wildlife and the military base which damaged it. There is room for about 5,000 people in the homes on the military base and about 10,000 islanders and their descendants currently living in the UK, Gibraltar and Mauritius who may want to return.

The UK government has recently ruled that they cannot return, not least because it would cost around £100m to make it happen. Where they get that amount from I have no idea although I am guessing they aren’t planning on dividing that sum between the islanders as an apology for what is said to be the worst and most shameful colonial cock-up since the second world war.  Let the islanders back so they can repair the damage and reclaim the home of their ancestors!

I want to stop the greed, the lies, the bullying and hate which is gradually consuming our species based on skin colour, gender, sexual preference, geographical location and religion.

I want to ask why the heck we still see homeless people on the streets? Why are they homeless in 2016?! What are we DOING?

And yet I am one person, a drop in an ocean and all I can do is send a ripple of discontent by publishing it on my blog and hope the next person who reads it does the same so that ripple travels and grows. Give them all a voice and maybe, just maybe, it will gather enough momentum and volume to become a shout loud enough to be heard above the noise of the corporate wheel.




29 thoughts on “Together We MUST Stand”

    1. But it shouldn’t be like that. What was the point of the Treaty being signed in 1878 (?) if it gets thrown to one side so easily. I thought Obama would come through for them and I feel quite sad he hasn’t. Same with the Chagosians. And our past leader Harold Wilson has a lot to answer for there too. The thing is no government can change the past misdeeds of their predecessors but they can make sure things are put right where they can be in the here and now…both sides of the pond.

      And we ought not to start talking about fracking…keep that for our emails lol. Meh, the world needs balancing!! xx

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  1. Great post. I share your feelings. There is a lot of fracking near me. It was boom then bust, with alot of hype about jobs that didn’t happen, and a lot of destruction of property and roads. Sadly, we don’t learn.

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  2. I’m by your side and sharing your post. You’ve highlighted some really concerning issues here Ms A. I’ve added a link to Victorialises’ post as well as she also highlights the Standing Rock issue.. x

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    1. Thanks, Wendy. I do like to try and keep things positive on my blog but sometimes we have to at least vocalise our support for people who are being trampled over.

      The Chagosians haven’t had much air time in the press as they aren’t considered newsworthy…no blood being spilt…but their story is such a recent one in British history. There was even a nature programme about British Overseas Territories recently which visited the island and yet never mentioned the people, in fact I believe the presenter said something on the lines of the animal in question probably hadn’t seen a human or some such nonsense! There is a US military base there lol.

      Like Standing Rock, if the big media people don’t want to know about it then it just doesn’t make it into the hearing of the general public. Now there has been violence at SR and the veterans are getting involved, it is now concerned newsworthy enough.

      Thanks for the link, I shall go and have a look 🙂

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      1. You’re right Ms A – it’s important to raise our voice when issues are so important.. I gave up watching the news and buying newspapers because it’s the ‘same old same old’ when really there are so many things going on that we never get to hear about. I wasn’t aware of the Chagosians and will do a bit of research about it now to find out more so thanks for drawing my attention to it! x

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  3. I am processing the same thoughts and concerns, and like you, feel extremely powerless to do anything other than write and share. Then I begin to recognize that the powers which control our world are not kind an benevolent. But, each one of us has the power within to be kind, benevolent, charitable. World change starts with an ‘inside’ job.

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  4. Thank you so very much for speaking out on such grave issues that need attention. I am so appreciative and to also learn of the Chagos islanders which I had never heard of.
    “Give them all a voice and maybe, just maybe, it will gather enough momentum and volume to become a shout loud enough to be heard above the noise of the corporate wheel.” Without a doubt it will! So grateful for the volume of your voice!

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