For those of you who are studying I can recommend a piece of Dumortierite. This little chap has been with me for a while and I usually grab him when I am pondering a particularly difficult concept in some dusty tome or wondering whether I will ever be as funny as I would like to be. My children tell me no but I refuse to give up trying *Mum power*

Dumortierite was named after the man who discovered it, the French palaeontologist Eugene Dumortier, who presumably found it whilst he was concentrating on hammering away a small, intricate fossil out of some rather nice blue rock which he got sidetracked into thinking might make a nice stairway.

Those of you with over-excited canine companions may be interested to know that attaching a small piece of this beauty to their collars may help them calm down and stop them ‘jumping up’ unsuspecting visitors to your home. Although you may not want to go for this option if the thought of Butch getting friendly under the table on the leg of the very critical Aunt Lucy this Christmas fills you with a certain peaceful contentment.

It is said Dumortierite can help you keep organised, boost your psychic potential, boost your creativity, release your fears, express yourself and keep you calm and centred. It is said to bring you hope. Try meditating with a piece if you want to find out your life path and discover what would bring you contentment.


19 thoughts on “Dumortierite”

    1. Yes, certain rocks and crystals really do seem to give out energies which match well with certain situations. These days I tend to see what I am drawn to buy and then work/meditate with them when I first get them to decide what I feel they bring. Then I look up the meanings. However, it isn’t unusual for there to be a good match with what others have said before. I find that very interesting.

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