A Huge Haul!


My OH had a few days off last week and it also happened to be my birthday week too. I was really spoilt by my huge family and was bought so many presents I am a little embarrassed to show them all so I have picked out a few here!

Above are a selection of the books I received, which I shall be dipping into in the coming weeks, picked by my very encouraging adult children and my supportive partner. All these books will be added to my ever increasing library which I am gathering together for my descendants. I started my library some years back and it contains a various selection of books from the simple and fun magickal utterings to the more advanced esoteric tome.

I also have a lot of books covering ancient civilisations including the more so called pseudoscience ones which I tend to favour – this means anything written by someone who won’t lose their job if they admit to broadening their thinking since leaving university or who have never studied at university in their chosen field but have actually got out there and visited these places for themselves and then presented their own ideas. I love fresh ways of thinking…new ideas and brushing off the dust of what we thought we knew 🙂

I am very lucky my family all support me on my path, with some even embracing aspects of it themselves and others carving out their own paths to walk beside me and yet uniquely on their own road. I love and cherish that so much. They are precious gifts to be able to give someone – the knowledge that you will accept them just the way they are and the encouragement to seek out what that is and what that means.

I also received a number of glorious crystals which I shall share with you all over the coming weeks. My haul included this rather unusual red and green apophyllite below.It is said to be a stone of great joy and gives one an appreciation of the gift of life amongst many other attributes…a whole post there, methinks 😉


Then there were these gorgeous tarot cards


And these lovely amulets which I must show you too


See, I am a terribly spoilt woman!

Here is the perfect place for a bit of a shout out I have been meaning to do for a while now – for those of you who have an eye for bespoke, magickal clothing and hats, I can thoroughly recommend getting yourselves over to The Elvish Tailor shop based in the UK (but internationally connected) or seeking out The Elvish Tailor on Facebook. Anthony also makes beautiful portable altars, silk tarot bags and many other items…many of them one off items. This tarot bag below is one I bought for myself at the end of November…it’s fully lined and so very tactile.


And on a last note and quite a random one – Strictly Come Dancing Ore and Joanne…YES! SO well deserved!!




13 thoughts on “A Huge Haul!”

  1. Happy birthday!

    I adore apophyllite and collected it obsessively for a while. It’s one of very few stones I’ve thought about buying a new one of after the great give-away a few years ago. I’ve always liked green in particular; the red in addition seems very balancing for it

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