It Starts With One Ripple…


Now the holidays are over and everyone in the family is returning to their normal routines, I took a moment to reflect on how the holidays went and the lessons which had been learnt. I was pleased to note that despite our large family being all together in the same house there were no disagreements this year…for a family as large and extended as ours that is quite an achievement. We all love each other but personalities can clash, especially after one too many mince pies!

The other lesson which stands out for me is one in the wider world. There are a lot of people out there who just need a hug. As part of my spiritual service for the holidays I wanted to reach those people who were having a hard time and just needed to know that someone somewhere was hearing them. I thought the easiest way to do this was to use my long distance healing techniques to send them a bit of a boost. I decided Facebook was the simplest way to find them.

On two of the Facebook groups I belong to I posted a simple message stating my intention to do a mass energy healing session in a couple of hours time and asked that anyone who needed a hug, who was in pain or who was lonely to add their names in the comments and I would name them and channel energy for them in a group healing session. Within half an hour I had hundreds of responses. Their needs ranged from those who were indeed having a hard time just because it was the holidays to those who had loved ones in hospital. By the time the two hours came to a close I had well over 400 people asking to be included.


This may have seemed like a impossible amount to cope with but it was very doable. I had devised a plan in advance which would allow me to hold the energy in a cone shape and then simply allow that energy to touch each person as they were named. I trusted my reiki guides would do the rest. It worked very well and I had excellent feedback.

A couple of healers who were also online at the time joined in by holding space and sending energy too and it was a joyous connection for all, with some participants having very noticeable positive results.

Now to the sceptics among us, I would simply say I don’t mind how this is viewed to have worked…either in full belief of the reiki working its magic (which is what I think) or simply by the placebo effect…to me it was a clear indication that this type of group healing CAN be beneficial and is worth doing. At the very least it soothes those who need it most as it makes them feel heard and valued. A bit of a win all round, I think 🙂

I will be looking to do more of these types of group healing sessions in the near future and on a regular basis. At this time I think it is important we all do what we can to help other people. It is easier to batten down the hatches, draw our family to us and hope the lightening doesn’t hit but there is work to be done by all of us out in the wider world  for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, for those who are oppressed…and for anyone who just needs a hug.


Anybody can send healing to another. You can do so using prayers, keeping them in your thoughts in a positive way, sending them positive affirmations and seeing them in your minds eye interacting in their own lives in a positive way by using visualisation to that effect. If you wish to try hands on healing you can have a look at this post I did in 2016 Reiki For Self Love which will show you how easy it is. You could then adapt this to send distance healing if you wish. A wonderful way to do this is to hold a crystal in your hands and visualise the crystal as being the person to whom you are sending healing energy. Talk out loud by speaking positive, healing affirmations and direct all your positive energy at the crystal. Sounds a bit ‘out there’ but what it really does is simply focus your thoughts and the energy whilst giving you something tactile to centre on. And it works.

I am an extremely lucky woman – I have a loving family, enough food to eat and a roof over my head. I am going to make 2017 the year my healing activities are my abundance – with humbleness and kindness, for free and with good, powerful intention.

I ask you to join me. We aren’t as helpless as we may sometimes feel. One ripple added to another and another and another can be very powerful.


19 thoughts on “It Starts With One Ripple…”

  1. beautiful and a comfort to remember that this energy is out there and available-A long while ago. I “won” a healing session with you-my email changed after that-then time passed and I felt awkward about it as I did not follow up-please know, that was never intended and does not reflect the gratitude I felt at the opportunity. i admire your work and hope you have a beautiful and abundant 2017.

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    1. I haven’t forgotten and I am delighted you have brought it up again! Please email me and we will arrange your session. I wasn’t sure if you had simply changed your mind so I didn’t want to push you. There is a contact form on my About page. It should be okay to use but do shout me if you haven’t heard from me 24 hours after sending, please, as they do get lost it the mist sometimes 🙂


    1. Hi Samantha, hope you had a good Christmas 🙂

      I just want to show people that it isn’t complicated to channel the universal energies and I encourage everyone to send healing out there. Anyone can do it, regardless of religion – it just needs a focused, clear intention and faith/belief – and is a good way to feel we are doing ‘something’ in these harsh times to make a difference.

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  2. Yes, I noticed that on the day itself when I saw your post later in the day and told you your post was fabulous as I naturally assumed you had read my post and were merely spreading your own ripple as suggested, Wendy 🙂 I take a dim view of plagarism and this is not my style so I do hope that you don’t think I have done something underhand.

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    1. No way Miss A.. Seriously – I believe it is a coincidence but a very ‘connected’ one.. I couldn’t believe when I just read yours on a blog catch up today.. I’d never think that and you could say vice versa and I’d hate you to think that of me also.. Nope.. our ripples spread out at the same time.. with positive energy.. Definitely no negativity!! xx

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  3. I am with you! Where would you suggest getting crystals from? How do you know what to choose? I wear a bloodstone around my neck because it was a stone in my astrological profile that I was fond of. I would like something to meditate with and you seem like the perfect person to ask. I love your blog!

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    1. Thank you 🙂

      I choose crystals from a crystal shop as much as possible so I can hold them in my hand and decide which energies I am drawn to.

      For a starter crystal I would suggest clear quartz, rose quartz or amethyst. Clear quartz will help clear your aura of any harmful negative energy, rose quartz will give you a hug and be supported during emotionally challenging times and amethyst can be used to cleanse other crystal (if in cluster form and large enough! ) and/or to help with physical pain. It can also be used as a conduit for reiki and works well as a representation of form for distant healing.

      Your bloodstone sounds a wonderful intuitive purchase and those are the best! Perhaps a book on crystals would also be helpful as when you go into a crystal shop it is easy to get overwhelmed with aesthetics and not be tuned in as well as you could be on usefulness…we have all been there!

      For meditation,I would have a black tourmaline at your feet charged for protection and hold a piece of rose quartz in each hand as a starter. You could go on to purchase a few crystals to use on your chakras at some stage too.

      Hope that helps 🙂

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