Update – Air Dry Clay Playtime: Herbal Impression Tiles and Earth Goddess

Just a little update to show you how the tiles I talked about in my previous post came out after painting. They aren’t quite finished yet as I intend to add some imitation gold leaf before setting them out as a large tile. I am really pleased with how it is going so far.

I am itching for my Earth Goddess to dry completely so I can cover her with gesso and start painting. I will be adding dried plant matter to this under some mod podge and concentrating on textures rather than detail before covering her with colour and some imitation gold leaf.


I can really recommend getting stuck into some sort of craft project. Make the time to create. Find something which brings you joy. You don’t have to be an expert in it, the important thing is to get satisfaction from the creation and have fun doing it 🙂

Earth Goddess…finished ‘for now’

In the end I really liked the way she looked as above and so I decided to keep her like this for now and see how she develops. Lovely energy from her!


20 thoughts on “Update – Air Dry Clay Playtime: Herbal Impression Tiles and Earth Goddess”

  1. Lovely tiles. I can’t wait to see how your Goddess turns out! I’ve been wanting to try polymer clay for some time, using botanical themes. I already have some supplies, and you’ve inspired me to get going on them! Thank you.

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  2. Sculpey! I haven’t thought about that in years. Maybe I should go get some of the equivalent; I do miss having my hands in clay since I no longer have space for a pottery workshop. Looking forward to seeing the finished goddess!

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    1. She is sort of finished for now…living with her for a bit and will add more if needed. She turned out differently than I had imagined but I am quietly pleased with her as a first attempt sculpture (as such lol). I will put a pic up next article… 😊


        1. The clay? I use two different colours here purely for thrift purposes. They dry much as you see them here colourwise, computer screen set up to one side. Once the gesso was on there was no difference between the two (didn’t show through in other words).


          1. WYSIWYG clay. 🙂 I’ve been thinking about how to represent my new spiritual friends on my altar, and something in clay might be the ticket.

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            1. Why not, hey? Much more powerful than buying something ready made. Cheaper and more satisfying too and you can tailor for purpose. I have popped up a photo. Dull day here and not a great camera. She is much brighter and bolder in real time.


              1. She looks awesome. I have no idea what I’d do yet; visual arts for me is pretty much limited to needlework. I loved hand-building pottery, but i wasn’t very good at it. It probably goes back to the not being an especially visual person.

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                1. Thanks 🙂 Now you are back in the UK, try Hobbycraft’s own air dry clay. I found I got on better with it than the usual DAS – much more forgiving on the wrists and hands getting it pliable enough to work with.


                  1. Thanks for the tip; that kind of thing matters a lot to me these days. Injuries suck. 😛

                    There are some benefits to not living in the middle of nowhere for a change; one of them is not having to drive four hours to get to a craft shop. 🙂

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