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Using Tarot Cards To Receive Answers From Your Spirit Guides

I believe everybody has their own spirit guides. Whether they come in the form of guardian angels, your own higher consciousness or separate energies such as ancestors, reiki guides or deity is entirely up to you to decide.

Some time ago I found having a scientific brain made the of concept of believing I was able to talk directly to my guides quite difficult to accept. I thought if I did (or was trying to do so) that it could well be just my imagination and that the answers received were therefore not reliable enough to be taken seriously. I needed another way.

I have a few tarot decks which I have bought myself or that other people have bought for me for special occasions. I had been starting to learn the tarot for use with the Kabbalah and for self improvement purposes only as I wasn’t that keen on using them for divination as such. I prefer to make my own future and always hope that I do a better job than some of my past decisions. I believe that the future is a fluid, changing wave and therefore any type of fortune telling is a bit of a waste of time. This is just my opinion, based on my energy work, and I am happy for people to disagree with me 🙂

I had a particular deck of cards my partner had bought for me. I couldn’t seem to get these cards to work for me in the usual way I used them. The cards were shuffled and dealt as normal but never seemed to deal with the matter at hand. I was very disappointed as I loved the look of them and had asked him specifically to buy these ones for me but now I couldn’t gel with them.

One day I had got the pack out to try again and I idly shuffled them as I pondered a difficult family matter, my mind drifting off the task at hand and on to more personal matters…happens to all of us! As my mind mulled over the problem a card flew out of the pack. Instead of thinking myself clumsy and putting it straight back in the deck I felt compelled to give it a closer look. What I found was exact guidance to my family matter. Curiosity compelled me to carry on. I talked about the problem as if talking to a friend out loud and asked for two more cards to fall out. These came as I talked and the three cards together gave me the guidance I needed.

Of course, I tried this several times after that. I would sit and talk fluently out loud about a problem or situation and the cards would fall out as necessary.  They have never been wrong since and I now use this particular deck all the time as my own special thread between myself and my spirit guides. It is a great comfort and extra special as my partner bought them for me.

You don’t have to know how to read tarot cards to use them to communicate with your spirit guides.

To start with you can use the guide book to look up the meanings and write each session up in a journal so you can look back on the situation, and the insight given, another time. As you go forward you may find your intuition allows you to decide what each card means for you personally. The interpretation in the book which comes with the deck is the interpretation of the decks creator but it is not cast in stone and you may find the meanings change for you. This is perfectly okay. You can meditate on the cards individually without a question and answer session to decide their meaning for you and write this up in your journal or you can simply let nature and determination take its own natural course and let their meanings make themselves known as you go along.

There is never an incorrect way in spirituality and your path is your own…always and without reservation.

The advice you get through the tarot will always be helpful when it comes from a place of unconditional love. Before the start of each session it would be sensible to visualise yourself in a crystalline egg, surrounded by white light. Set your intention at the start of the session for the work ahead and ask your spirit guides to come through with unconditional love, protection and advice for your highest good.

Your guides will always give loving advice and will never tell you to do something which you find uncomfortable. Neither will they mind if you don’t follow their guidance. Everything is your choice and you are always in control.

Try this for yourself and let the answers you seek flow freely, in trust that the help is there whenever you need it.

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A Huge Haul!


My OH had a few days off last week and it also happened to be my birthday week too. I was really spoilt by my huge family and was bought so many presents I am a little embarrassed to show them all so I have picked out a few here!

Above are a selection of the books I received, which I shall be dipping into in the coming weeks, picked by my very encouraging adult children and my supportive partner. All these books will be added to my ever increasing library which I am gathering together for my descendants. I started my library some years back and it contains a various selection of books from the simple and fun magickal utterings to the more advanced esoteric tome.

I also have a lot of books covering ancient civilisations including the more so called pseudoscience ones which I tend to favour – this means anything written by someone who won’t lose their job if they admit to broadening their thinking since leaving university or who have never studied at university in their chosen field but have actually got out there and visited these places for themselves and then presented their own ideas. I love fresh ways of thinking…new ideas and brushing off the dust of what we thought we knew 🙂

I am very lucky my family all support me on my path, with some even embracing aspects of it themselves and others carving out their own paths to walk beside me and yet uniquely on their own road. I love and cherish that so much. They are precious gifts to be able to give someone – the knowledge that you will accept them just the way they are and the encouragement to seek out what that is and what that means.

I also received a number of glorious crystals which I shall share with you all over the coming weeks. My haul included this rather unusual red and green apophyllite below.It is said to be a stone of great joy and gives one an appreciation of the gift of life amongst many other attributes…a whole post there, methinks 😉


Then there were these gorgeous tarot cards


And these lovely amulets which I must show you too


See, I am a terribly spoilt woman!

Here is the perfect place for a bit of a shout out I have been meaning to do for a while now – for those of you who have an eye for bespoke, magickal clothing and hats, I can thoroughly recommend getting yourselves over to The Elvish Tailor shop based in the UK (but internationally connected) or seeking out The Elvish Tailor on Facebook. Anthony also makes beautiful portable altars, silk tarot bags and many other items…many of them one off items. This tarot bag below is one I bought for myself at the end of November…it’s fully lined and so very tactile.


And on a last note and quite a random one – Strictly Come Dancing Ore and Joanne…YES! SO well deserved!!