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Red Apophyllite


This piece of clear, red and green Apophyllite has been with me for a little over a month now and has been a real pleasure to work with.

It gives off a really palpable, strong energy which everyone who has held it has remarked upon, even those who aren’t earth energy minded. There is just a power to it which buzzes in the hand and it is a truly extraordinary piece. I would say it is on par with my Lemurian Seed Crystal for energy output and there is something ‘otherworldly’ about it too.

Apophyllite is also called the Reiki crystal as it is said its effect is similar to a Reiki treatment. I can certainly vouch for its healing energy which is very powerful. This crystal can chase away the darkest of days and brings joy and peace when held. When I have worked with it for longer I shall start to use it in my long distance healing work along with my Lemurian Seed Crystal and my Amethyst cluster as I feel this is the way it wishes to be worked with.

Apophyllite is a stone of truth and it is said it will help you see the truth of any matter more clearly. It is usually clear or green so it is unusual to find a piece with this red hue to it. It is simply the result of minerals near the crystal being absorbed into it as it is forming and it makes a unique crystal. The photos really don’t do this particular crystal aesthetic justice…the clear, green and red sparkly formations on their igneous matrix is really delicate and beautiful up close. I am pretty certain the matrix is basalt (giving strength, courage and fanning the fire within!), which hardens into a vesicular texture (similar to a pumice stone in appearance) and so this crystal is very light in weight too. It needs very careful handling as the crystal can flake and the matrix is very fragile. Don’t drop it!

Apophyllite can be worked with when seeking knowledge of spirit guides or power animals. It can clear a room of negativity and your aura too and is a perfect stone to have in the bedroom to help encourage a decent night’s sleep.  It is said to be a crystal which can heal family rifts, encourage togetherness and lift the vibrational energy of any room it is placed in. A stone of high vibration, it can be used to cleanse other crystals and can be easily cleansed itself by waving it through a wisp of incense and voicing your intention to cleanse it.

If you are a healer then I recommend getting a piece of this and experimenting with it. I feel it has great potential to significantly enhance my personal spiritual work and I am just about ready to jump in and see just how good these vibes really are 🙂



It Starts With One Ripple…


Now the holidays are over and everyone in the family is returning to their normal routines, I took a moment to reflect on how the holidays went and the lessons which had been learnt. I was pleased to note that despite our large family being all together in the same house there were no disagreements this year…for a family as large and extended as ours that is quite an achievement. We all love each other but personalities can clash, especially after one too many mince pies!

The other lesson which stands out for me is one in the wider world. There are a lot of people out there who just need a hug. As part of my spiritual service for the holidays I wanted to reach those people who were having a hard time and just needed to know that someone somewhere was hearing them. I thought the easiest way to do this was to use my long distance healing techniques to send them a bit of a boost. I decided Facebook was the simplest way to find them.

On two of the Facebook groups I belong to I posted a simple message stating my intention to do a mass energy healing session in a couple of hours time and asked that anyone who needed a hug, who was in pain or who was lonely to add their names in the comments and I would name them and channel energy for them in a group healing session. Within half an hour I had hundreds of responses. Their needs ranged from those who were indeed having a hard time just because it was the holidays to those who had loved ones in hospital. By the time the two hours came to a close I had well over 400 people asking to be included.


This may have seemed like a impossible amount to cope with but it was very doable. I had devised a plan in advance which would allow me to hold the energy in a cone shape and then simply allow that energy to touch each person as they were named. I trusted my reiki guides would do the rest. It worked very well and I had excellent feedback.

A couple of healers who were also online at the time joined in by holding space and sending energy too and it was a joyous connection for all, with some participants having very noticeable positive results.

Now to the sceptics among us, I would simply say I don’t mind how this is viewed to have worked…either in full belief of the reiki working its magic (which is what I think) or simply by the placebo effect…to me it was a clear indication that this type of group healing CAN be beneficial and is worth doing. At the very least it soothes those who need it most as it makes them feel heard and valued. A bit of a win all round, I think 🙂

I will be looking to do more of these types of group healing sessions in the near future and on a regular basis. At this time I think it is important we all do what we can to help other people. It is easier to batten down the hatches, draw our family to us and hope the lightening doesn’t hit but there is work to be done by all of us out in the wider world  for those who are less fortunate than ourselves, for those who are oppressed…and for anyone who just needs a hug.


Anybody can send healing to another. You can do so using prayers, keeping them in your thoughts in a positive way, sending them positive affirmations and seeing them in your minds eye interacting in their own lives in a positive way by using visualisation to that effect. If you wish to try hands on healing you can have a look at this post I did in 2016 Reiki For Self Love which will show you how easy it is. You could then adapt this to send distance healing if you wish. A wonderful way to do this is to hold a crystal in your hands and visualise the crystal as being the person to whom you are sending healing energy. Talk out loud by speaking positive, healing affirmations and direct all your positive energy at the crystal. Sounds a bit ‘out there’ but what it really does is simply focus your thoughts and the energy whilst giving you something tactile to centre on. And it works.

I am an extremely lucky woman – I have a loving family, enough food to eat and a roof over my head. I am going to make 2017 the year my healing activities are my abundance – with humbleness and kindness, for free and with good, powerful intention.

I ask you to join me. We aren’t as helpless as we may sometimes feel. One ripple added to another and another and another can be very powerful.



For those of you who are studying I can recommend a piece of Dumortierite. This little chap has been with me for a while and I usually grab him when I am pondering a particularly difficult concept in some dusty tome or wondering whether I will ever be as funny as I would like to be. My children tell me no but I refuse to give up trying *Mum power*

Dumortierite was named after the man who discovered it, the French palaeontologist Eugene Dumortier, who presumably found it whilst he was concentrating on hammering away a small, intricate fossil out of some rather nice blue rock which he got sidetracked into thinking might make a nice stairway.

Those of you with over-excited canine companions may be interested to know that attaching a small piece of this beauty to their collars may help them calm down and stop them ‘jumping up’ unsuspecting visitors to your home. Although you may not want to go for this option if the thought of Butch getting friendly under the table on the leg of the very critical Aunt Lucy this Christmas fills you with a certain peaceful contentment.

It is said Dumortierite can help you keep organised, boost your psychic potential, boost your creativity, release your fears, express yourself and keep you calm and centred. It is said to bring you hope. Try meditating with a piece if you want to find out your life path and discover what would bring you contentment.

Peridot With Olivine


This is a small but beautifully formed nugget of péridot, with a sprinkling of olivine, from my personal collection.

Olivine is one of the most abundant crystals on the planet. There is a famous beach in Hawaii at South Point where a beach of green olivine sand is found. Local legend suggests you may enjoy the healing energies but do not dare to steal away any of the sand for yourself or suffer the wrath of the Goddess Pele who does not tolerate its removal from her island. Whether buying this online (and technically, therefore, not removing it yourself) negates this threat is unclear…


Péridot has a long history of being worn to envelop the wearer in a comforting shield to keep away evil spirits and nightmares. It is said to amplify reiki energy and, indeed, it used to be my ‘go to’ stone for use during distance healings before I had my lemurian seed crystal. Péridot has been used for eons as a stone in jewellery and was a firm favourite with the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans, both lovers of its sparkling personality. It is a stone of the Fae and it is said that a person wearing péridot will likely attract their attention.


A crystal of the heart chakra, it is said to protect you from those feelings of jealousy which spring up sometimes in romantic relationships when we are reminded of past misdeeds by another from a former relationship. Péridot keeps your mind more firmly on your present relationship and helps keep old hurts from tainting the new love.

Péridot energy can best be described as soft yet steadfast energy which flares up more strongly when needed and it is a stone I turn to on those days when my hormones get the better of me and I need to see more clearly the actual cause of my current emotional response.


These crystals are born from the fire of the Earth in molten rock or brought in meteorites. They are associated with the Sun, again a powerful force of nature, and give you the fire in your belly to succeed and the means to burn through any negative thinking which no longer serves you and holds you back.


A Time To Reap

Supermoon 2016 (copyright – In The Autumn Of My Life)

This week’s supermoon has presented us with many opportunities for spiritual involvement, whatever our religion of choice. For me it has been a time of gratitude for everything I have and for the wonderful Earth, which we are all so very fortunate to be caretakers of. I say a gratitude prayer every day to thank the Source and my Goddess for looking after those I love and for giving us enough food to eat and water to drink.

The full moon is a time to heal ourselves too. I like to have a sacred bath around this time to wash away any negativity and to boost my inner courage. I will bathe in salts and dried herbs of mugwort (cronewort), lavender, yarrow and myrrh to cleanse and rejuvenate me. I will add some essential oils of choice usually something sensual and divine such as patchouli,  ylang ylang or jasmine and a touch of ginger spice too for passion in love and bravery in life.

Now is also the time for selenite, moonstone and clear or rose quartz as we invite peace and purity of thought into our lives, letting go of those things which make us feel sad or bad about ourselves. Sip a cup of lemon balm tea or a take a taste of Motherwort tincture. This is now a time to dance, to laugh and to be joyful.

The supermoon this week is your chance to make big changes in your life. It calls you to make a decision and not to dally any further with procrastination. It invites you to shine brightly and be completely at one with the things which bring you joy.

Closer to deity and bathed in the soft, purifying light of the moon; now is the time to just be you and be in your truth. Enjoy 🙂

The Perfect Meditation For You!


When I first started meditating I found using guided meditations to be the best way to begin. Even now, especially when feeling a little weary, I will use a guided meditation rather than relying on my tired mind to keep the rhythm and flow going.

There are a few things which I wanted to start working on for self-improvement and none of my current guided meditations were ticking all the boxes so I thought why not record one myself? This was surprisingly easy to do as my iPod (it’s old but it still works!!) has a voice recorder on it. All I had to do was read from a self-penned script and fill in the blanks with what I felt was needed. I used rose quartz for unconditional love and black obsidian for protection as my two crystal companions for this meditation. Both strong and uncomplicated crystals which do what they are supposed to do.


This is my basic outline –

  • Take a deep breath in for the count of four, hold for a count of four, out for a count of five. Do this cycle three times.
  • If you need extra help with relaxing then you could talk yourself through tensing and relaxing your body in sections from your toes to head as you wish.
  • Visualise a TV screen in your mind, see and mentally count down each number from 12 to 1.
  • Do a protection exercise here such as imagining being encased in a spinning pyramid of golden light which deflects anything which is not for your highest good. Ask for the protection of your spirit guides and helpers who love you unconditionally. They will come at your invitation even if you are not aware of them yet.
  • Here is the place in the meditation where you will state your intentions, say your positive affirmations, talk with your spirit guide or whatever else is the purpose of your meditation.
  • When that is done and you feel the tasks are completed it is time to ground yourself. Visualise a column of light coming up from the ground and exiting out of the top of your head. See the healing energy coming up from the Earth and send that energy to every part of you from head to toe. Healing, soothing and cleansing your core and your soul. Scan your body mentally and put any heaviness, tightness or emotion which no longer serves you into the column of light, sending it into the Earth to be cleansed and neutralised. Then reverse the energy back down into the Earth and visualise sending roots from your feet down into the centre of the Earth to anchor you and keep you connected to the soil and Mother Earth.
  • Next count yourself up from 1 to 12, seeing each number on the TV screen as before. Then wiggle your feet, stretch your body, open your eyes and bring yourself back into the room.

You will notice there is quite a bit of time spent on cleansing and body housekeeping, as it were. I think it is worth it when undergoing any meditation. This is your quiet time, your time to regroup and relax whilst working on those things your spirit craves you to find peace and closure on. Make the most of it and do a little spring cleaning whilst you are in the right frame of mind and place to do it.

It is very important to ground yourself when meditating. I choose to do it whilst still relaxed and in the meditative state because I feel at my strongest then and I know I am completely focused on the task at hand and will therefore be more successful. Intention is everything. Do everything in a way which you feel is the right way for you. There is no right or wrong way as long as all the ingredients are there somewhere. If it doesn’t feel right for you one way then try another.

I followed my above pattern and I now have a 30 minute mediation to use daily which is specific to my needs. I can tailor it again to whatever my needs might be in the future just by altering the portion of the script above in italics to reflect this and re-recording it at any time. The more often I use the meditation the easier it will be and the more successful the outcome.

As you read above, I enhanced my energy field with crystals. I lit a patchouli, cinnamon and sandalwood incense stick to connect to the Earth and sipped an infusion of catnip and lemon balm tea before the meditation. I do these rituals routinely to focus my mind and enhance the experience. Everything in its place.


Easy, hey? And not as daunting as you might first have imagined. Keeping it simple but direct and tailored just for you.

You can use this meditation in times of stress, anxiety, worry or uncertainty. I hope some of you in America will find it particularly useful today. Written with my love and all my hopes.

Many Blessings!



Purple Fluorite is one of those stones which you can really sense an organic presence from. I know, it probably sounds daft but there it is. It is the perfect stone to have in the shape of a crystal skull because it already has that depth of connection.


There are five colours of fluorite and you can get all five together in the same stone which is known as rainbow fluorite. There are some beautiful jewellery pieces out there using rainbow fluorite and if you feel in need of protection then this is the perfect stone to choose. It is said the protective qualities of fluorite grow the longer you have it and this brings me back to the comforting presence of this stone. A piece of jewellery made with it often becomes a favourite.

Fluorite is said to relieve stress and physical blockages. It is also said to be helpful for those who find facing medical examinations difficult, helping them keep calm and clear headed. The Ancient Chinese believed purple fluorite would offer protection from negative entities.


For me purple fluorite is the stone I turn to when I need spiritual clarity, peace and a clearer head during meditation. I have also found it a useful companion whilst studying. I feel very drawn to my fluorite octahedron in times of family conflict.

It was also a purple fluorite which called me when I was undecided on whether to purchase a crystal skull and which stone I wanted it to be carved in if I did. This skull has an interesting energy (definitely male!) and I have had some thought provoking meditations involving this crystal skull. I have also used it during tarot and oracles readings for myself. I am attempting to fill it with as much love and positive energies as I can and it holds that light well. It is a pleasure to experiment with 🙂




This week has been a week of waiting and so it has also been a week of shopping. For me that means I wander around eBay and Amazon and loiter around things I shouldn’t be teasing myself with 😀

It meant it was also time for a book which wasn’t esoteric in nature and a bit more of a light, holiday read *ducks incoming missile from Bill Bryson* I know the man can get a bit eggy and hold a grudge because I made a comment to him once on a message board pointing out he had missed out Suffolk in Notes From A Small Island and, guess what, the beggar has purposely missed it out again in this book too. Well, apart from a small footnote which was probably a typo and meant to be Sussex. I know and he knows he has done it on purpose *sniff* 😀

I do love a Bill Bryson book and have them all. I have been meaning to get around to this one for a while now. His distinctive wit is very recognisable…he just goes in and verbally destroys those who dare put even a smidgen of imbecile-like behaviour in his path. I would liken him to being in the latter stages of a typical Grumpy Old Man but, as far as I can tell (because I don’t know him personally obviously), he has been like that at least since he landed in Dover as a young American journalist and possibly before.

Whilst in a Bryson mood I purchased this:


A jolly film based on the book of the same title, which I read when it came out. It is the tale of Bryson and Stephen Katz who team up to walk the Appalachian Trail. It’s packed with classic moments including the time they spent walking and camping next to a female hiker who was so irritating the lads inadvertently chucked themselves off a cliff to avoid her.

Emma Thompson plays Bryson’s wife (Query: Why hasn’t Emma Thompson been made a Dame yet? Fabulous actress that she is!) although I am not entirely sure what she is doing in the film apart from telling Bryson he can’t go and then welcoming him home. Maybe she just wanted to be in a film with Robert Redford or she finds Mr Bryson as funny as I do? The real Mrs B seems to be a lot more involved than that if the many paragraphs mentioning her in Bryson’s books are to be believed but this is Hollywood.

Incidently, Bill Bryson had no imput in the making of the film and simply sold the rights to Robert Redford’s film company. He also only met Redford once (according to an interview I found) but Redford still does a good job of putting across Bryson’s character if the books are to be believed. I was only sorry that there was no call for Robert Redford to fall asleep in the film…Bryson asleep is apparently a thing of wonder. All in all some very funny moments and worth watching especially if you are a fan and can relate to the character which is Bill Bryson 🙂

My other purchases this week included this lovely oracle deck:


I love the artwork in this deck. The artist is the same one who did the Isis Oracle artwork for Alana Fairchild..another visually stunning deck. I haven’t worked with this new deck yet as I bought it a few hours ago (!) but I have looked at a few reviews on YouTube and they do seem to be favourable. In a selection of several decks in the shop this one jumped out at me and I tend to listen when that happens.

It is said by the author that Aradia is the Goddess Diana’s daughter and the first witch. She was sent to Earth to train women in medicine and natural ways and to also BE in their own feminine power. I rather like that. You can find out more about Aradia and decide for yourself if she was a myth, a Goddess in her own power or a real person from history. Hers is an interesting tale.

My last purchase to show you today is this little one:


I had been pondering about getting a crystal skull for some time and finally today this little purple Fluorite chap asked to come home with me. I don’t often get offers like that these days and didn’t want to appear rude so I bought him.

There is more to come when certain Amazon Marketplace sellers get their acts together. There is something I must know. How can it take two weeks to get something to me when I live 30 mins away by train or car from the source? I could practically walk there in a day. Who is bringing it? The owner’s grandma? Pulling along a small cart with one rickety wheel behind her zimmer frame whilst she wheezes from a 60 a day cigarette habit and stops off at every available loo on the way due to having not attended to her pelvic floor sufficently over the years? In the words of Bryson – well, honestly.




This beautiful Septarian (or Dragon Stone) was formed about 60 million years ago when dead organic matter was covered in sediment under an ocean. As time went on and the ocean disappeared the mud dried and cracked. Minerals formed including Calcite and Aragonite and gave this particular stone its distinctive appearance. No two Septarian are the same and so their metaphysical vibe will be slightly different depending on their mineral content and amount.

This stone is fairly common and not too expensive to buy. Popular in egg form as above, it makes a good stone to squeeze in your palm and get tactile with if you have something on your mind. Another nurturing stone, it is one which brings harmony between our often warring outer and inner selves as we struggle to balance the two in the world we live in. If you find yourself conforming far too often for your comfort then this stone may well bring you the strength to stand tall and do what is best for your inner peace and self esteem.

Septarian is said to be a very useful stone when communicating with others and enables you to be heard.

I like to use mine when I am undecided about something and weighing up the facts. I also use it in shadow work to balance my present with my past. This stone is said to be shamanic too and this is probably because of its connection to Mother Earth due to the way it was created and the time it takes to come into its glory in the ground.

Beautiful, hey?

Ocean Jasper



Today it is the turn of these two lovely pieces of Ocean Jasper to make themselves known to you all. Ocean Jasper is so called as it is found only when the tide is low in a certain place in Madagascar. It is a type of orbicular jasper which gets its orbicular reference from the patterns on the rocks themselves.

If you are having a hard time seeing something from another person’s point of view or you need to develop some self-love then Ocean Jasper might be worth a try. It’s a quiet stone full of gentle, positive energy. A bit like a friend who hasn’t much small talk but stands beside you in times of need, letting their strength speak for them. Like that friend, Ocean Jasper shows us how to be more patient with others and ourselves and waits with us whilst we sort ourselves out. It is also said to gently release anger and pent up negative emotions.

Ocean Jasper says go with the flow but be aware you reap what you sow. Take the short cut and it will be bumpy. It is said to help with the digestive system, IBS, removes toxins and helps with inner ear disturbances and sea sickness.

With the green and pink colours of these particular ones I use them with my heart chakra. Very much a stone of peaceful intentions in my experience and very pretty too!