Magick. The unseen, the unknown, the scary and done by those wearing black coats, pointed shoes and who really need a good quality face scrub on those warts, right? Not really, although a well made broom does save on bus fares and gives one an edge at Quidditch…oh stop it!

There are as many different ways of working with magick as there are people doing so and many labels to stick on what they do too. Even putting a ‘k’ on the end of the word ‘magic’ is significant. It is put on there simply to differentiate between the magician who pulls a rabbit out of a top hat (or the card sharp trickster who with a slight of hand produces the Ace of Hearts from behind your ear) from someone who works with energy and intention to manifest a favourable outcome.

So what is magic with a ‘k’ and what’s it all about?

Simply put, it is the use of energies and personal intention to create an effect with the goal being to attempt to change or enhance or gain a particular desired outcome.

To do this practitioners will use various correspondences which are associated with their desired outcome, various tools to concentrate their thoughts and intention in ritual and, by doing so, tap into the energies given out by the correspondences (including, but not always, using sigils and symbolism) as others have done before them. They will also use the four directions of air, water, earth and fire and use representations of these.

The belief is everything in the universe has its own energy and all those things are interconnected on Earth and on outer planes of existence. By tapping into those energies, by using objects and symbolism connected with each other and the desired outcome, it is believed these energies can be manipulated and bent to the practitioners will.

Correspondences are a list of items from the plant world, the animal world, a season, a tree, a compass direction, the solar system, a God or Goddess, a zodiac sign, a day of the week, an element, yin/yang energy and are used with certain issues, intentions and powers such as abundance, wisdom, healing, guidance etc. They can also be associated with a rune, tarot card, a celebration or a certain chakra. There are many other associations such as angelic, elemental…but you get the idea. These items have become correspondences through eons of being used for the same or similar purpose and, when a selection are brought together, it is said to enhance the likelihood of a positive outcome.

The belief is that when enough people have thought of something in a particular way then that something is given energy and ‘becomes’ in the higher realm. This is the basis on how Gods and Goddesses are given life, as it were, and why each one is said to bring a particular energy with them when they are worked with.

The key to working with magick is clear intention. Although tools, special clothing etc may set the scene for the person doing it, it won’t make much difference to the working itself. Preparation, a careful selection of correspondences, clarity of purpose, focused concentration, the right emotions and clear intention are the only things really needed. The special clothing and elaborate tools are just there to focus the mind more readily, to play out an accepted ritual and in my opinion they don’t add to the energy build up needed. However, for some people this is an important part and helps them give deeper meaning to what they are doing. I can respect that too.

To many people, magick can seem as scary and as dangerous as a lighter would be to a caveman. After all, what is normal for us now technology wise would seem like something made by the divine for someone else who had never seen it before.

I take knowledge of magick very seriously and do not consider it something to be played around with frivolously, without due care and attention. There are some out there who will try and use magick for nefarious purposes but I believe that sort of thing will come back on them threefold, ultimately destroying them spiritually. Any magickal practice needs to be done with respect, clear intention and to do no harm.

What it isn’t for is trying to get a new car or the boy/girl you have been eyeing up for a week…try the simple Law of Attraction for that sort of thing and put in a cosmic order with words of gratitude and thanks. I believe working with energy should only be done for the highest good and for purposes which help others in need and the beautiful Earth we live on. To procure peace, health and goodwill. I sound like a candidate for Miss World but, hey, it is what I believe in 🙂

This is a very basic description of my thoughts and opinions on magick and as deep as I want to go into it in detail on my blog on this particular page.

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