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Using Tarot Cards To Receive Answers From Your Spirit Guides

I believe everybody has their own spirit guides. Whether they come in the form of guardian angels, your own higher consciousness or separate energies such as ancestors, reiki guides or deity is entirely up to you to decide.

Some time ago I found having a scientific brain made the of concept of believing I was able to talk directly to my guides quite difficult to accept. I thought if I did (or was trying to do so) that it could well be just my imagination and that the answers received were therefore not reliable enough to be taken seriously. I needed another way.

I have a few tarot decks which I have bought myself or that other people have bought for me for special occasions. I had been starting to learn the tarot for use with the Kabbalah and for self improvement purposes only as I wasn’t that keen on using them for divination as such. I prefer to make my own future and always hope that I do a better job than some of my past decisions. I believe that the future is a fluid, changing wave and therefore any type of fortune telling is a bit of a waste of time. This is just my opinion, based on my energy work, and I am happy for people to disagree with me 🙂

I had a particular deck of cards my partner had bought for me. I couldn’t seem to get these cards to work for me in the usual way I used them. The cards were shuffled and dealt as normal but never seemed to deal with the matter at hand. I was very disappointed as I loved the look of them and had asked him specifically to buy these ones for me but now I couldn’t gel with them.

One day I had got the pack out to try again and I idly shuffled them as I pondered a difficult family matter, my mind drifting off the task at hand and on to more personal matters…happens to all of us! As my mind mulled over the problem a card flew out of the pack. Instead of thinking myself clumsy and putting it straight back in the deck I felt compelled to give it a closer look. What I found was exact guidance to my family matter. Curiosity compelled me to carry on. I talked about the problem as if talking to a friend out loud and asked for two more cards to fall out. These came as I talked and the three cards together gave me the guidance I needed.

Of course, I tried this several times after that. I would sit and talk fluently out loud about a problem or situation and the cards would fall out as necessary.  They have never been wrong since and I now use this particular deck all the time as my own special thread between myself and my spirit guides. It is a great comfort and extra special as my partner bought them for me.

You don’t have to know how to read tarot cards to use them to communicate with your spirit guides.

To start with you can use the guide book to look up the meanings and write each session up in a journal so you can look back on the situation, and the insight given, another time. As you go forward you may find your intuition allows you to decide what each card means for you personally. The interpretation in the book which comes with the deck is the interpretation of the decks creator but it is not cast in stone and you may find the meanings change for you. This is perfectly okay. You can meditate on the cards individually without a question and answer session to decide their meaning for you and write this up in your journal or you can simply let nature and determination take its own natural course and let their meanings make themselves known as you go along.

There is never an incorrect way in spirituality and your path is your own…always and without reservation.

The advice you get through the tarot will always be helpful when it comes from a place of unconditional love. Before the start of each session it would be sensible to visualise yourself in a crystalline egg, surrounded by white light. Set your intention at the start of the session for the work ahead and ask your spirit guides to come through with unconditional love, protection and advice for your highest good.

Your guides will always give loving advice and will never tell you to do something which you find uncomfortable. Neither will they mind if you don’t follow their guidance. Everything is your choice and you are always in control.

Try this for yourself and let the answers you seek flow freely, in trust that the help is there whenever you need it.

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Red Apophyllite


This piece of clear, red and green Apophyllite has been with me for a little over a month now and has been a real pleasure to work with.

It gives off a really palpable, strong energy which everyone who has held it has remarked upon, even those who aren’t earth energy minded. There is just a power to it which buzzes in the hand and it is a truly extraordinary piece. I would say it is on par with my Lemurian Seed Crystal for energy output and there is something ‘otherworldly’ about it too.

Apophyllite is also called the Reiki crystal as it is said its effect is similar to a Reiki treatment. I can certainly vouch for its healing energy which is very powerful. This crystal can chase away the darkest of days and brings joy and peace when held. When I have worked with it for longer I shall start to use it in my long distance healing work along with my Lemurian Seed Crystal and my Amethyst cluster as I feel this is the way it wishes to be worked with.

Apophyllite is a stone of truth and it is said it will help you see the truth of any matter more clearly. It is usually clear or green so it is unusual to find a piece with this red hue to it. It is simply the result of minerals near the crystal being absorbed into it as it is forming and it makes a unique crystal. The photos really don’t do this particular crystal aesthetic justice…the clear, green and red sparkly formations on their igneous matrix is really delicate and beautiful up close. I am pretty certain the matrix is basalt (giving strength, courage and fanning the fire within!), which hardens into a vesicular texture (similar to a pumice stone in appearance) and so this crystal is very light in weight too. It needs very careful handling as the crystal can flake and the matrix is very fragile. Don’t drop it!

Apophyllite can be worked with when seeking knowledge of spirit guides or power animals. It can clear a room of negativity and your aura too and is a perfect stone to have in the bedroom to help encourage a decent night’s sleep.  It is said to be a crystal which can heal family rifts, encourage togetherness and lift the vibrational energy of any room it is placed in. A stone of high vibration, it can be used to cleanse other crystals and can be easily cleansed itself by waving it through a wisp of incense and voicing your intention to cleanse it.

If you are a healer then I recommend getting a piece of this and experimenting with it. I feel it has great potential to significantly enhance my personal spiritual work and I am just about ready to jump in and see just how good these vibes really are 🙂



Spiritual Guidance


This year has seen me make wonderful progress with my spirit guides. I always knew there was spiritual guidance around me but I had a particular type of contact with them. This has always been because I don’t feel comfortable having direct verbal communication with spirit.

My communications with my guides tend to be pictorial and emotional – fast paced images which give the whole story quickly and efficiently accompanied by the appropriate emotion. My empath side works in the same way in my day to day life. It is quite an exhausting way of communicating as it is very involved emotionally rather than given as a detached, verbal communication but it is my choice and how I asked for it to be. I feel their presence and personality, that is how I know they are there, and each is unique. A daydream but with more substance and meaning, is the best way I can think to describe an encounter.

This summer I learnt the names of two of my spirit guides – one male and one female – after I decided I wanted to learn a little more. Strangely it didn’t seem that important to know their names before and I was just used to them being there but this year I just felt the need to know. I am really glad I did find out as it makes the contact even more real for me rather than still being able to leave it all in the ‘possibly all in my imagination’ arena and playing it safe and scientifically sound 🙂

I have three everyday spirit guides. One is a beautiful but ancient woman who has a no nonsense feel to her, one is a young boy who is a rebel and just a little sarky sometimes and the other is an elemental who is joy and laughter. These three could easily be the three strongest parts of my personality but I have come to accept them as separate to me and I give them due respect. The woman is very much in the forefront and her name is the female one I was given this year. Rather strongly given in the end because at one point I still wasn’t sure (ever the doubting one!).

As an aside, all this doubt and wanting proof keeps my feet firmly on the ground in my spiritual work. I think this is a good thing. I have complete faith that the energy work I do works for the highest good of the person receiving it but I am also wise enough to know I am merely a channel for the energy and not some powerful being who is superior to other people. The worse thing someone who works with energy can do is believe they are more than they are. Delusion can lead the unwitting down many unpleasant roads.


My joy elemental has a lot to answer for and I am pretty much convinced my inappropriately timed humour and love of the ridiculous comes from them. Humour has seen me through many a challenge and I welcome its presence, even when it does get me some strange looks.

I also know a man has been around me since I was a little girl, way before I knew of his significance. I learnt his name this year too. He has two women standing with him sometimes – this is my team of healers and they allow me to help others to the best of my ability through my energy work. I am instinctively able to choose crystals, aromatherapy and symbols to heal and replenish others and I have always just seemed to know how to do these things. I believe I have these particular guides to thank for these valuable skills.

Another team I regularly give thanks to is my Reiki team of healers and those who are representative of other healing systems I use too. I feel very much heard when I indicate where I would like distance healing sent and there is always a feeling of teamwork, love and satisfaction.


Recently I have been looking at connecting with any animal guides I might have. I would say the Stag, the Magpie, the Snake and the Raven all have important roles in my life. Interestingly there has also been a polar bear who has been visiting me often in my meditations lately.

What is your take on spirit guides? Do you have any and how do you communicate with them?



Sometimes the daily stresses in life can seem a little hard to cope with. When that sort of thing is going on I mentally transport myself to some special places in my imagination during meditation (or even sometimes just for a Waterfall moment) and take a breather. Below are some of my favourite places I can escape to at my leisure.

The Waterfall Moment

This is where I go when I need to remember patience and tolerance. For those days when I am facing belligerent, antagonistic people. I totally immerse myself in the smells, sights and sounds of my waterfall and the surroundings. I feel the oxygenated breeze on my face from the waterfall as it cascades down the moss covered rock into the glistening pool of clear water beneath it. I hear the birds sing. I reach out to touch a twig on a branch and I feel the ground beneath my feet, centering me and bringing back my balance. Then I come to and realise I no longer feel any murderous urges and, if I am really lucky, the person in front of me will have run out of breath… 😉


The Tropical Beach Moment

This is where I go to chill out with one of my spirit guides who is Caribbean in energy and likes to hang here. Yes, he has dreadlocks. He doesn’t say much on our walks and instead communicates in feelings and pictures but I always get the point. When you are comfortable enough not to make small talk? Yep that’s it.


The Forest Moment

When I need to feel closer to nature and the Green Man then this is where I can be found. Life gets busy and sometimes too long has passed since I was last out under the trees. This is where I go to get a little of that comfort back again. The forest revitalises me and makes me feel alive. This is a place of tactile interaction where all my senses come into play during meditation and where the dappled sun comes through the trees and warms me.


The Divine Moment

This is where I first go to meet my Goddess in meditation. It is a place which initially looks like the Moon. Darker, colourless, barren, deep inside myself. A place of sanctity and no distractions. Fear not. The Eye of the Sun soon looks down on me and everything is illuminated, good and pure. A golden light which soothes and guides me on my journey to the places She wishes me to travel. It is peaceful and holds a feeling of unconditional love and kindness. I am safe and secure.

Where do you go on your travels?

Quartz Cluster and…Spirit Guides


Everyone loves a quartz cluster! It seems to be fairly normal for people to buy one of these, or a quartz point as one of their first crystals (and rightly so as quartz is a fabulous first crystal companion) but, in fact, this is my 66th crystal! I had been searching for the right one and picked up this beauty in a local shop which has a single cabinet with some very special crystals within. The owner hand picks every piece and displays for our viewing pleasure. Just the type of place to go when you are first starting out as there is nothing more daunting than going to a designated crystal shop with hundreds of crystals.

I went on my first visit to one of these designated shops in Summer 2015 and, even with a years experience under my belt (and several Mind, Body and Spirit fairs and tense bidding on eBay!), I was pretty overwhelmed by the choice on offer. Great if you know what you want for the selection of individual crystal types alone but if you are a newbie you can come out with the sparkly crystal which caught your eye and leave behind the one which might have captured your heart. It’s a good idea to do some research online beforehand and go in with a list rather than taking a chance of buying something you don’t need at that point.

There will always be ‘another’ crystal but, in my experience, working with one at a time is the best way to really let a new sparkly being into your life and get to know it on a personal level. Meditating with one crystal every day for a couple of weeks will give you a good insight in to how you feel about it and what it can do to help you personally. Of course there are plenty of books on the subject and there is no harm in picking one up to get a starting point (and ideas for that all important list when first starting out) but crystals work with the individual and what a particularly crystal does for one person isn’t necessarily what one of its brothers or sisters will do for you. As I have said earlier, I have a fairly decent collection of crystals already but I haven’t worked with all of them yet. When choosing one to work with I let my intuition guide me and then I simply spend some time with it. If possible I carry it around with me, play with it idly when I am catching up something on the TV and, of course, it is with me through every meditation.

On the day I bought this particular quartz cluster I had a choice of five types of quartz in front of me. I held each one of them for a few minutes to connect with their energies and, as soon as I held this beauty, I knew I had found ‘The One’.

This Quartz cluster from Brazil is, for me, rather a power house for accessing spirit guides. I found a video on YouTube by http://www.talkingspirit.com offering a meditation to connect with your spirit guides and, for me, it worked.

I used headphones for the meditation and placed the cluster on my forehead. I also put a piece of Blue Calcite at my throat (blue stones are said to be good for communication if placed on the throat chakra) and held a Smoky Quartz cluster (said to ground the user) in my hands over my solar plexus chakra. I then protected myself by envisaging a white light all around me to keep the negative energy out and I was good to go. As the 30 minute session progressed I had the best session ever in my numerous attempts over the last year to access my spirit guides in form rather than energy. When the meditation got to the part of meeting my guides I waited for the nothingness of facial form which usually greets me and was fairly resolved to it not working but I was pleasantly surprised this time and it gave me food for thought. An in-depth topic for another time, perhaps?