Your Spiritual Foundation – Your Faith


Most humans have a need to have faith in something. If you have never had faith in anything in particular then the chances are you may have felt something was missing or maybe you just didn’t feel satisfied with what life gave you, even if it seemed to be enough on the surface. If you have reached a point where you have decided there is more to life than material possessions, then the chances are you will be looking to find something to have faith in, something to lift your heart and feed your creativity and your soul.


Spirituality can be our best friend when things are going well. It can shower us with sparkling colours and unicorns…if that’s what floats your boat 🙂 It can teach us to show and feel gratitude and let us breathe in life itself with a stronger heart and mind.

Sometimes life can bite hard and we feel guilt or shame because we aren’t fitting in with the picture of what a spiritual person should be.


This is probably when we need our foundation the most.

We will benefit from its ability to bring peace, if only for a few minutes during meditation or 20 minutes listening to the sounds of nature in the real world or on YouTube. A strong foundation gives us the tools we need to help make these times easier to handle than they would be without them.

Faith in something which has touched our core can be the anchor we need and the one thing which makes the difference between a difficult day and one which has had its highlights.

Faith is an essential part of the foundation of spirituality and it is part of that foundation which is grounding, comforting and feels like home. What we choose to build on top of this foundation is where the fun starts. We may choose a particular religion which moves us or no religion at all. We may try several to see what fits and we may decide none do in their totality. This is perfect acceptable because our path is our own and it opens up wonderfully if there is no doctrine to hold back our imagination. The possibilities really are endless.


Faith comes to us in many ways. To name a few – faith in deity, faith in our partners and family members and faith in yourself.

When that faith is taken away or it is proven to be false then this can lead to real emotional turmoil.

Loss of faith in a partner will lead to feelings of betrayal and we are likely to have a great deal of dialogue between ourselves and them.

Loss of faith in ourselves results in feelings of failure, frustration and embarrassment and sometimes even humiliation especially if this was witnessed and judged by others.

A loss of faith in deity is one of the hardest things for some people to come to terms with and can influence them for years to come.

How do you have a dialogue about the things which led you to have this crisis of faith with something you always believed was there but which you probably had no direct one-to-one conversation?

How do you come to terms with that when there is no chance of recourse or closure?

I can’t give you an answer to those last two questions and it is best left between you and your chosen deity to work it out. My point is that faith is a much desired feeling by most humans as it leads to trust and security. Once broken it is difficult for deity or human to come back from. You can have lots of people tell you something has happened for a reason or that it happened to test your faith but personally I have always found that to be rather difficult to accept in reality.  Personally, I believe these things just happen (not because we have done something good or bad to make it so) and I think we have to deal with them the best we can and use them to help us grow and learn.

So if faith can be such a scary thing to invest our emotions in then what is the point?

The Tools and Gifts of Faith

Love. Belief. Courage. Contentment. Motivation. Self-worth. Self-esteem. Security.

Faith gives you a foundation in the above and so much more. You’re never alone with true faith beside you because you always have that faith to bolster you up and keep you steady.

So what do you believe in?

What is important to you and how can you work with it to add to your spiritual foundation and cushion your footsteps?

The curious will try on many cloaks before they find one they want to keep or keep for now. We are often led by our curiosity to try out various alternatives which we might explore alone or add to a religion we were brought up in. We may choose a cloak which shows us a brand new way which we then decided to embrace entirely or select bits we are drawn to. This is true freedom and it is a human right in itself.

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I don’t think we should ever be afraid to try something first before we dismiss it entirely out of hand. Just because we’ve been told we shouldn’t explore it by others around us doesn’t mean it won’t be a comfort to us. As long as we aren’t endangering others or ourselves in the process then we should feel free to do as we wish. Of course we have to be comfortable and not force ourselves but research into any subject is necessary before we dismiss it just because of a few negative or dismissive opinions we hear. Don’t be herded like a sheep, you might miss out on something wonderful 😀


There have been many incidences where I have initially found an area of spirituality appealing but then, once I have looked into it deeper, I have decided it isn’t for me. Buddhism being a case in point and it can be as simple as this – I swat flies. I don’t congratulate myself when I do it, unless they are dive-bombing me, but I do it. Instead I chose to work with aspects of Buddhism.

One of the religious leaders I respect above all others is the Dalai Lama. His words always reach my heart and I have a great deal of respect for him. Although I know I wouldn’t totally embrace his ideals I add aspects of his teachings to my own path. I make it a point to be of service though my free distance healing and my free counselling. This is something I have fully taken from Buddhism and made my own.


Building on top of this foundation is a lifelong task. It will bend and change itself and you. You will discover better ways to lay and hone your path with useful stepping stones to help you grow as a person.

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