Your Spiritual Foundation – Your Needs

To know how to build your foundation you first have to assess your needs. Are you a person who works best if you haven’t routine or are you a free spirit who goes with the flow? Do you need structure would spontaneity make you feel more alive?

You will also have to consider your health and build your foundation around that. Yoga is hugely popular and is said to be beneficial for many ailments but it isn’t for everyone and there should be no guilt in holding your hands up and saying it isn’t for you. Your foundation isn’t about fitting into a mould, it should be shaped to fit your particular needs.

Meditation is a fabulous way to calm a cluttered, busy or fearful mind. For the latter, it can be particularly difficult to master as the quiet is the hardest part to face sometimes but it can be done and the first time you realise you didn’t react to a thought is the moment you know what all the hype is about. Try listening to some guided meditations on YouTube such as the one below but don’t worry if you can’t sit still to start with or your mind wanders. You may even fall asleep! Keep trying and eventually you will be able to get through longer guided meditations and go on to use this ability to go into meditation in further spiritual pursuits.

Mindfulness is a wonderful element to add to your foundation. It can make the simplest task or trip outside in the real world seem like more. It also keeps you in the moment which could help anxiety by giving sufferers a much-needed break from the roundabout of thoughts and worries. Mindfulness focuses your attention on the now and the power of now is very important. There is no future or past to worry about, there is only the right now. Try it for yourself and, with practice, you can experience the clarity of thought which comes with being fully in the present. All this is an amazing gift when you experience it, particularly for the first time. Whatever your path having mindfulness in your foundation can bring much comfort. I keep pushing this free online Mindfulness course which is put together by Dave Potter because it is brilliant and will give you excellent skills to add to your foundation.  You can do it anonymously as there is no signing up necessary, it is all there ready for you to follow at your own pace and includes videos, articles and tasks.

Ritual can take many forms and is also an important part of a spiritual foundation as a way of bringing comfort, security and happiness. It is not necessarily religious. Your morning routine is a type of ritual as it is done same every morning and sets you up for the day. We all know how it feels if we are running late and we miss part of that routine out.

Spiritual ritual can also take many forms and can be as elaborate or as basic as you see fit. When you write every day in a journal or diary it is a spiritual ritual. Having somewhere you can write down your thoughts and keep them private is a wonderful addition to your foundation. You might not write every day and this doesn’t matter but, when you feel moved to do so, it gets it all out there and can help you make sense of things which are happening in your life. Even if your writing is full of woes that day, and it sometimes will be, always put down something which has happened that you are grateful for. Then, when you go to write a bigger entry at the beginning or end of the day, you will see those entries and maybe the day won’t seem quite so bad.

Physical health is something which you need to keep an eye on, especially as you get older. It is an important part of your foundation and it is something that you will sort out primarily with your health provider. What I can suggest is researching supportive natural remedies such as herbs, essential oils etc and discussing these with a qualified practitioner. Seek out books in your local library or from Amazon marketplace and get yourself informed.

There are many ways you can build a strong, spiritual foundation which will see you through life and give you a happier place from which to view the world. It will give you a greater tolerance for others, a deeper understanding of self and will result in a grounding to the Earth itself which will enrich and support you.


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